An election hearing before a Trump-appointed judge is ongoing in the Northern District of Georgia—and has Zoom access.

I'll be covering it for @LawCrimeNews.

Other reporters whom I see live-tweeting include @MikeSacksEsq and @AlanFeuer.
Also live-tweeting today's hearing in Georgia: @NicoleCarrWSB
Up now is recount auditor Susan Voyles, whose testimony is about her being "amazed" about how many more votes Biden got than Trump.

One batch she described came from the Quality Living Center, which appears to refer to a senior center.
Georgia Assistant AG Charlene McGowan begins cross-examining Voyles.
Q: Did you report any of these issues to the Secretary of State's office?

A: No I did not.

Asked why not, the witness just says she was "very disturbed" by how the count went.

"I was amazed at that."
On cross-examination, the witness concedes that she's a longtime Republican activist.
To review:

The sole witness in the federal election case in Georgia is a Republican activist who thinks it's "amazing" and suspicious that Biden got so many more votes than Trump in the batches that she saw.
Russell D. Willard, another Assistant AG for Georgia, is now speaking.
Judge presses Georgia's assistant AG on there being more numbers of absentee ballots rejected this election than in 2018.

Willard says the percentage rejection was "identical."
Later: "Practically identical."
Willard: "Plaintiff has adopted a scattershot approach," by alleging as many alleged constitutional violations as possible to obtain relief.

The counties have all certified their votes to the Secretary of State, Willard notes.
Willard, Georgia's Assistant AG:

"The election is over and rather than accept that his candidate has lost, plaintiff seeks the largest disenfranchisement in George since the abolition of the poll tax and the vestiges of Jim Crow."
Willard, Georgia's Assistant AG:

"Plaintiff attempts to change the rules at the end of the game in order to alter the score."

"I understand the plaintiff's frustration that his favored candidate has lost."

That doesn't give him the right to manufacture claims, he adds.
Democratic Party of Georgia's attorney Kevin Hamilton is now up.
Hamilton: Plaintiff alleges a "generalized grievance" rather than a "particularized harm."
The plaintiff is attorney L. Lin Wood, Jr., who represented the family of JonBenet Ramsey.

Hamilton is now arguing he doesn't have standing because he has a "generalized grievance."

"He has simply alleged his standing as a voter," Hamilton said.
Hamilton slams the delay in challenging Georgia's COVID-related election practices:

"More than 8 months ago, that settlement agreement was finalized."

Millions of Georgians relied upon it, he notes.

Wood's complaint challenging it was filed on Nov. 13th.
Plaintiff waited "8 months and 3 election cycles" to bring his claim over a March agreement, Hamilton notes, calling the request to disenfranchise millions "breathtaking," "unjustified" and "unprecedented."

"That's a simply astonishing request."
Georgia State Conference of the NAACP's counsel Jon Greenbaum is now up.
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