Guys please I wanna post my hcs
1. Bisexual Naegi,, one of my more personal hcs <3
2. Gay/mlm Nagito!! Not uncommon at all but, yeah
3. Bisexual kokichi <3
(Idk if this is a common hc or not)
4. Bisexual Aoi Asahina !! (I have a lot of bisexual hcs I’m sorry)
5. Lesbian Komaru!! (Def not original at all but, still a hc of mine nonetheless) 💕
6. Bisexual Shuichi Saihara!! Pronouns are he/they <3
7. Bisexual Kaede!! I didn’t realize I had so many bi hcs until now
8. Funtime foxy is non binary and viramoric cause I said so (coming back to this thread cause I want to share some new hcs from a different fandom) <3
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