Starting a massive Mad Men thread.

The best TV show ever made.

Rewatching it (again) and just want to give my thoughts. #MadMen
I’ve always been fascinated with this show. This time period in history.

I love this show so much. It’s perfection and TV truly at its finest.
SE1E1 - Smoke Get In Your Eyes

Within the first 30 seconds you want a cigarette. Matthew Weiner captures this era to a tee. And makes smoking so damn appealing, when we all know it’s not.

The very first scene sets up the entire first season. Who the hell is Don Draper.
Jon Draper and Peggy Olsen. Two titans from the very beginning.

Joan telling Peggy to get a paper bag and put it over her head is something else.

How they treat women from the very get-go is eye-rolling to say the least.
Everyone is so young. Clearly they shot the pilot way before the rest of the season.

“Should we drink before the meeting or after” functional drunks.
Don and Peggy might have the best relationship of any two people in a television show I have watched.

Pete Campbell is all time scumbag. But the best worker in the entire shows run.
Can’t think of another show with more perfect casting.

Jon Hamm

Elizabeth Moss

Vincent Kartheiser

January Jones

Christina Hendricks

John Slattery

Is a line up the likes this world will never see again.
Nothing screams 1950s like.....

a doctor hacking a dart while examining your vagina.

Legendary stuff going on here.
“I’m not going to let a woman talk to me like this” Don Draper. Lordy.

Don is such a whiny bitch but also just the best at his job
We also get the only F-Bomb of the whole show.

Tossed out by none other than Peter Campbell.
It’s so great we get to see Don do his thing in the first episode

It’s such a special thing in television to see Jon Hamm go to work and woo an entire room. He’s an orator of the highest caliber

“It’s toasted”
Advertisement really is based on one thing.


The first Draper pitch is truly wonderful
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