Thread on Crime Prosecution Cycles 1/10

Donald Trump is finished. He will not be President after noon on 20 January 2021. & regardless of what final gambits Trump tries on pardons (with or without Pence), he cannot be pardoned for NY State crimes starting with fax fraud
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Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 2/10

Because Trump cannot be pardoned for STATE crimes (starting with New York State but also IL, CA, FL etc) - & as Tax Fraud crimes never expire, and we KNOW from NY Times story on Trump taxes, he committed NY State tax fraud, he goes to prison
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 3/10

The reason Trump tries every dirty trick to hold onto his Presidency is simply to avoid prison. He WILL go to prison, that is certain. Once he is convicted of serial tax frauds, it becomes ever easier to convict Trump on DOZENS of other cases
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 4/10

Regardless of Trump's attempts to pardon his Hitler Jugend kids, they TOO face NY STATE crimes & will ALL do time. Probably in prison for life. They MAY attempt to flee the country, in that case tried in exile, passport revoked, assets seized
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 5/10

If Trump PARDONS anyone, those people CANNOT 'plead the 5th' to not testify in court cases. Thus it is TOTALLY against Trump's interest to pardon ANYONE. But Trump is clearly dangling pardons to closests mobsters (Barr, Pompeo, Giuliani etc)
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 6/10

I believe Trump will not do a broad series of pardons but he might pardon a few, mostly his kids. But even if Barr, Pence, Pompeo, Mnuchin, #LeningradLindsey, Giuliani etc were pardoned - they all would have to TESTIFY against Trump, so we
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 7/10

So we will find out about Trumpomobster crimes ANYWAY. Separately. Inspectors General. We've seen a series of complaints followed by Trump firing Inspectors General. Expect there to be MANY cases pending, waiting for Biden's Attorney General
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 8/10

As long as Bill Barr holds AG post (until Jan 20, 2021) there will be no justice. After Barr is fired (by Joe) acting AG takes charge, expect rapid series of investigations into Trumpomobster crimes, regardless of when Biden's AG is confirmed
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 9/10

Look at 'disloyalty' at DOJ vs Bill Barr. Look at same at State Dept against Pompeo. There are TONS of smartphone recordings, photographs, videos, of evidence against the Trumpomobsters from Mnuchin to Bone SawBoy Jared. Waiting for justice
Crime Prosecution Cycles Thread 10/10

Donald Trump will go to prison. I promise you that. Most of his Trumpomobsters will be tried and go to prison. A few may escape abroad, but be tried in absentia, passports revoked, assets seized; and hunted by USA until brought to justice
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