Just talked to the Georgia Secretary of State about the signature issue. What he says is that (1) for the first time, Georgia verified signatures for absentee ballot applications, not just the ballots.
(2) The applications were matched with both the voter's driver's license and their voter registration card.
(3) Applications that were submitted through the online portal required a driver's license number and the ballot was mailed to the address on the driver's license.
(4) When ballots were returned, the signatures were cross referenced to the absentee ballot application (if the application wasn't done through the online portal), drivers license, and voter registration card.
(5) Once a ballot was approved, it was separated from the absentee ballot envelope and we can't go back and try to put them back together because once a ballot is out of the envelope, it cannot be connected back to preserve an anonymous ballot.
(6) Thus far all the claims of dead people voting have been debunked. No dead person has voted in Georgia.
(7) Contrary to claims about Dominion Voting Systems, the hand count in Georgia aligned perfectly with the machine count so there could not have been hacked machines in Georgia altering votes for Joe Biden.
(8) The machines in Georgia print out a printed ballot that registers the votes of each voter for the voter to see and confirm are accurate. The hand count used those and, again, matched the machine count.
UPDATED (9) in Floyd County, GA, they found 2500 votes that had not been counted on election night. They had a scanner malfunction. This wasn't a machine error per se, but a human error in scanning ballots. But
most counties still align identically with the machine count.
UPDATED (10) Joe Biden still wins GA. Now get off your ass and save the Senate!
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