Questions for ATINYs,because it’s our day soon
Hello :) I hope you are doing fine, thank you for being here I’m so proud of you
I just want you to know that ATEEZ love you and are extremely proud of who you are 💕
1. When did you become an atiny?
2. How and why did you become part of the fandom? Tell your story I wanna hear it
3.What made you want to be on stan Twitter ?
4. What is an atiny moment here that you will never forget ?
5. What is something that happened here that made you question the sanity of us as a fandom ?
6. Do you think Ateez saw at least one of your tweets ? And if not, what is one tweet that you would love them to see
7. What is one thing that you love the most about being an atiny ?
8. Mention your friends here and tell them something that you want to say
9. What is Your most emotional moments as an atiny ?
10. What is your happiest moment as an atiny ?
11. something that boosts your atiny ego?
12. What is your favorite line that your bias(es) sang ?
13. What concept do you want ATEEZ to try at least once ?
14. What is the funniest thing antis has said about ATEEZ according to you ?

I’m sorry the questions are boring but I hope you enjoyed this thread 💕thank you for taking the time of your day to answer these questions
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