Dear Mr. Trudeau, @JustinTrudeau

Greetings! I hope this beautiful November weekend finds you happy, healthy, and full of love with your gorgeous family. ...

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Elston, and I’m a lucky husband and a father of two young girls, out here in British Columbia.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been a bit of a busy bee, putting up billboards across North America that said ‘I ❤️ JK Rowling’; taking on our Ministry of Education and the school curriculum in BC, regarding SOGI 123; ...

... hanging out on busy street corners in my Human Sandwich Board, having polite conversations; fending off death threats, assaults, and corrupt police; and just last week I made a visit to your fair city of Ottawa, in addition to Toronto and Montreal.

Your security detail may have let you know I was protesting outside your gates. The RCMP also paid a visit and I must say, of all the police I’ve spoken with — and I speak with them almost every day — your Ottawa RCMP were all tied for the most pleasant. ❤️

Anyway, I’m writing today because of some grave concerns regarding false statements and lack of clarity within Bill C-6.

I figured instead of just submitting a brief to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights ...

... that I might as well submit all of my statements publicly, here on Twitter, for all to see.

That includes each and every Member of Parliament, all of whom I will be tagging in this very long thread.

@erinotoole @theJagmeetSingh @yfblanchet

Because we have a serious problem here in Canada.

I know you know what it is, but as a politician I get that it’s much easier to bury one’s head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.

After all, it’s not always politically expedient to tell the truth.


This weekend, I’m going to share some things that I have learned. I’m going to share some stories from devastated parents who have reached out to me, but cannot comment publicly.

I’m going to take my time, updating it every half hour or so.

@L_MacAulay @Carolyn_Bennett

It is my hope and my humble request — no, that’s not right, it is my PLEADING — that other Canadians join in by commenting throughout this thread.

And not just 🇨🇦. Our friends in the UK, and the world over, have been an amazing help! We need more, I’m afraid.


First, let’s give some context to this.

On September 11th of this year, I put up a billboard in Vancouver that said ‘I ❤️ JK Rowling.’

@NavdeepSBains @jyduclos @MarcGarneau @mclaudebibeau @melaniejoly @DiLebouthillier @cathmckenna @HarjitSajjan @MaryamMonsef @CQualtro

No doubt you’ve all heard of J.K. Rowling. If you have children, I trust many of you have read Harry Potter with them. ⚡️

I’m currently reading the books with my youngest, and as any reader knows, the ‘content of JK’s character’ shines unmistakably through in her words.

No author that I’m aware of has inspired more children to do the right thing, to stand against bullying, and to feel that they belong in this world and are important.

@PattyHajdu @BardishKW @FP_Champagne @karinagould @HonAhmedHussen @SeamusORegan @pablorodriguez

She also donated herself out of the billionaire class, and established the Volant Charitable Trust, which aids women and children, and combats poverty and social inequality.

@BillBlair @mary_ng @FilomenaTassi @JonathanWNV @MinJusticeEn @BernJordanMP @JoyceMurray

All of that preamble is to make the point that any of us with a functioning prefrontal cortex already knows: She’s an outstanding woman.

But of course we live in upside down world, and so in December of last year this perfectly reasonable tweet started a firestorm:

As MPs, you’re all old and wise enough to know that biology exists.

And every right-minded person agrees that trans rights are human rights.

Gender dysphoria is real, and everyone should be treated with respect.

@AnitaOakville @MonaFortier @s_guilbeault @marcomendicino

There is, of course, another class of humans who also have rights, as guaranteed by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

They are called women.

We spell this word W*O*M*E*N.

Note the lack of an ‘X’ in the spelling.

@MaryamMonsef - Minister for Women ...

The British Parliament formally enacted the Charter as a part of the Canada Act 1982 at the request of the Parliament of Canada in 1982 — the result of the efforts of the government of Prime Minister Trudeau.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau.


In Pierre Trudeau’s speech before the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress, he famously stated:

“Uniormity is neither desirable nor possible in a country the size of Canada.

“We should not even be able to agree upon the kind of Canadian to choose as a model.”


He further stated: “A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate.”

Pierre Trudeau was right, of course.

And it is the spirit of these words — the élan vital — which drives much of Canadian policy making to this day.


Almost all Canadians of sound mind and principles, agree with the above statements.

Canada is a mosaic, and should always remain that way.

@richardmartelpc @gerarddeltell @BlakeRichardsMP @karen_vecchio @AlexRuff17 @TimUppal @tomkmiec @EricDuncanSDSG @DanAlbas

It is clear to anyone watching Canadian politics that these important concepts of inclusion and diversity are foremost upon the minds of our leaders.

We strive to achieve these ideals with passion!

@LeonaAlleslev @Tony_Baldinelli @MikeBarrettON @LucBerthold @jamesbezan

In our haste to reach for this beau idéal, however, we seem to have completely forgotten the elder Trudeau’s motto of “reason before passion.”

And so we come to crux of this issue:

Children are being harmed.

Women are being harmed.

@JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh

Bill C-16, which passed in June 2017, added the words "gender identity and expression" in three instances. These words were added to the Canadian Human Rights Act as prohibited grounds for discrimination ...

@RichardBragdon @JohnBrassardCPC @RmdKenny @MichaelChongMP

... and to the Criminal Code in two sections, the first dealing with hate speech and hate incitement and the second regarding sentencing for hate crimes.

@jameskcumming @CdEntremontMP @RaquelDancho @ToddDohertyMP @rosemarie_falk @GarnettGenuis @MPMarilynGladu @TracyGrayKLC

Adding protections for people based on their ‘gender identity and expression’ is good.

Transgender people have human rights, obviously, and there is no room in civilized society for hate.

@PatKelly_MP @KentThornhillMP @StephanieKusie @PLawrenceMP @DaneLIoydMP

Where the debate over gender politics gets confused — often deliberately so by ‘activists’ who seek to shut down any reasonable conversation — is on the issue of self-identification.

@GregMcLeanYYC @Cathy_McLeod @Eric_Melillo @RobMoore_CPC @robmorrisonmp @JohnNaterMP

But let’s forget all about genuine gender issues for a moment.

I’ll get to the giant concerns with Bill C-6 in a while, because there are deeply disturbing medical practices happening to children which Bill C-6 WILL greatly exacerbate.

@PierrePaulHus @PierrePoilievre

Let’s pause, breathe, slow down, and pretend for a minute that in society there is always a very small percentage of men who are not. great. men.

@AlainRayes @MichelleRempel @Lianne_Rood Jagdeep Sahota — Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality 

Oh, what’s that, you say? We don’t need to pretend?

Hmm. Indeed, it would seem that any student of history — or anyone who is awake — can think of instances of violent, predatory men in society.

@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @JustinTrudeau @erinotoole @yfblanchet @AndrewScheer

Now before I get pounced on by ‘activists’ trying to twist my words, what I am addressing right now has NOTHING to do with transgender people.

I beg your pardon while I digress, but this needs to be discussed.

@Jamie_Schmale @WarrenSteinley @markstrahl @ShannonStubbsMP

As leaders, as lawmakers, all Members of Parliament have a solemn duty to help keep the most marginalized and vulnerable people in our society safe.

@GaryAVidal @BradleyVis @DerekSloanCPC @OmarAlghabra @WillAAmos @gary_srp @ChandraNepean @VBadawey [email protected]

The most vulnerable class in our society is our children.

I don’t think I need to say more on that. It’s terribly obvious.

There is another class of ‘persons’ in our society that is also vulnerable.

@LarryBagnell @Yvan_Baker @JaimeBattiste @terrybeech @RachelBendayan

Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

They are called ‘women.’

You all grew inside of one. Most of you were raised by one. Fed by one. Taken care of when you were sick by one.

They even gained official status as ‘persons’ 91 years ago.


They are not called ‘womxn.’

They are not called ‘people who menstruate,’ or ‘individuals with a cervix,’ or any other ridiculous term that 2020 has brought along.

@cafreeland @Carolyn_Bennett @mclaudebibeau @juliedabrusin @PamDamoff @adhillonDLL @KirstyDuncanMP

And ‘women’ — as a class of persons —have ‘sex-based rights’ as guaranteed in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

@MinJusticeEn @RobMoore_CPC @Chris_Bittle @BobBratina @jimcarr_wpg @SeanCaseyLPC @Shaun_Chen [email protected] [email protected]

The Charter goes further, clarifying what we’ve always known to be the case: Sex is binary.

These Charter Rights are guaranteed “equally to BOTH SEXES,” male and female.

@sergecormierlib @sukhdhaliwal @handongontario @Francis_Drouin @EmmanuelDubourg [email protected]

Yet today, thanks to the activism of some very loud and well-funded extremists, women’s rights — fought long and hard for — are once again being eroded.

You all know this.

But first, in case there is any confusion, let’s define what a woman is. ...

@MonaFortier @HedyFry




an adult female human being


If you want to get even more scientific about it, females are the humans with the large gametes.

@JustinTrudeau @MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @yfblanchet @theJagmeetSingh

(billboard by Posie Parker)

Why am I getting into all of this?

Because our self-ID laws regarding ‘gender identity and expression’ enable any ‘man’ — of which some are no good, downright scary, or mentally ill — to cheat the system!

@TerryDuguid @JulieDzerowicz @WayneEaster @AliEhsassi @F_ElKhoury

Women are a vulnerable class unto themselves, with Charter rights.

Women, being adult human females, of course.

Why are they vulnerable? Because statistically, they are FAR more likely to get assaulted by males.

@NeilREllis @beynate @GregFergus @AndyFillmoreHFX

But don’t take my word for it. Here are the facts from the Department of Justice.

85% of victims of sexual offence are women. Of those offences, females are more likely to be victims of more severe, levels 2 and 3 sexual offences.

@ziad_aboultaif @ScottAAitchison

These numbers don’t even take into account that nearly 80% of sexual assaults go unreported to the police.

Throughout the world, the same story plays out, for all historical time periods.

Violent crime is FAR more common among biological males.

@DeanAllisonMP @MelArnoldMP

I doubt very much that these stats come as any surprise.

But in the rush towards all things ‘inclusive,’ it’s as though virtually all of you have forgotten that violent men exist. Lying men exist. Mentally ill men exist.

@JohnBarlowMP @BobBenzen @HonStevenBlaney

Where are the safeguards for women and girls?

How could you bring about such changes to the laws of the land — where ANY man can simply declare himself to be a woman — without thought for the consequences?

@KellyBlockmp @blainecalkinsmp @ColinCarrieCPC @Cooper4SAE

Regarding violence, it doesn’t matter whether a biological male identifies as trans or not.

Biological males commit violent crime, including sexual crime against women, at unacceptably high rates.

@MarcDalton @ScotDavidsonMP @gerarddeltell @KerryDiotte @TerryDowdall

Women have the right to feel safe, and to be safe, in female-only spaces.

Unbelievably, we literally have male sex offenders in prison self-identifying as women and transferring to women’s prisons.

Google it! And read this.👇🏼

@earl_dreeshen @DaveEppCKL @rosemarie_falk

Should a rape shelter lose funding because they have a policy of allowing biological females only?

There are other rape shelters for trans women.

Should a woman who has been battered and raped for years be forced to share a shelter with a male?

If any of you politicians would take the time to listen to women, instead of calling them transphobes, you would be utterly amazed by the abuses of self-id laws.

And it is only going to get worse.

@KerryLynneFindl you are my MP. As a woman, why aren’t you speaking up?

Perhaps the most frightening example of how someone abuses our self-id laws is this individual, who I will address by the initials JYS.

This convicted criminal may be Canada’s greatest menace. I have had to improve my home security system because of them.


My reason for including all of these previous examples is to show that Bill C-16 was implemented without thorough planning for the consequences.

You have failed to put legal safeguards in place, and women and girls are coming to actual harm.

@cherylgallant @GenereuxBernard

You now have an opportunity to get Bill C-6 right.

As it stands in its current form — with respect to the gender identity component of the Bill — it is an unmitigated disaster.

@Joelgodinpjc @jasrajshallan @RachaelHarderMP [email protected] [email protected]

Where better to start with Bill C-6 than with the preamble?

It is utterly astounding to me that a Bill this important has been presented, and right from the get-go it is 180° false.

‘Gender identity’ changes ALL THE TIME.

@Puglaas @Yasmin_Ratansi @marwantabbaramp

But as always, you should never take my word for it.

I just present the materials that are made by the gender activists.

I present to you the ‘Genderbread Person.’

@JenicaAtwin @paulmanly @ElizabethMay @anitavandenbeld @MPRandyHoback @jeneroux [email protected]

The Genderbread Person is one of the resources recommended in the SOGI 123 school materials used from Kindergarten on up, throughout BC and Alberta.

It’s used in other provinces as well.

@PatKelly_MP @tomkmiec @MichaelKramSK @dckurek @MikeLakeMP [email protected]

The Genderbread Person is so unscientific that it’s always changing!

You’re looking at Version 4.0

What better way for its creators to make money off of it, than by always updating it?

“Nobody likes a stale cookie.”

@ChrisLewisEssex @RonLiepert [email protected]

Now, I KNOW that 90% of you MPs took one glance at this and you’re already rolling your eyes.

Because deep down, you’re smart! You didn’t get to this station in life by being incapable.

But let’s break it down ...

@BenLobbMP @TomLukiwski @DaveMacKenzieMP @LarryMaguireMP

First off, sex is not ‘assigned at birth.’

This is ‘activist’ talk indoctrinating our children. It’s intentional and it’s designed to plant seeds in children’s minds that sex is arbitrary.

Sex is ‘observed’ at birth.

@richardmartelpc @MBDan7 @KellyMcCauleyMP @Phil4Brant

Sex is binary. This is science. Sex doesn’t change.

These activists are conflating sex and gender to confuse everyone.

Read @DrDebraSoh’s book The End of Gender.

Or better yet, call her to speak before the Committee!

@marty_morantz @GlenMotz @JeremyPatzerMP @BradRedekopp

It states further that sex assigned at birth is “typically based solely on external genitals present at birth (ignoring internal anatomy, biology and CHANGE THROUGHOUT LIFE.)”

Sex doesn’t change.

We’re taught that ‘gender’ is fluid!

Except in Bill C-6!


Are you starting to understand yet?

Bill C-6 says it is a ‘myth’ that ‘gender identity can or ought to be changed.’

THE GENDER ACTIVISTS PUSHING THIS BILL not only say that gender identity changes, but that sex changes.

@BlakeRichardsMP @AlexRuff17 @BobSaroya @kyleseeback

This approved school resource describes gender identity as ‘how you, in your head, experience and define your gender, based on how much you align (or don’t align) with what you understand the options for gender to be.’

@MartinBowRiver @DougShipleyBSOM [email protected]

So, what are the options for gender? What is gender?

This principal resource used in schools teaches our kids ... ‘Gender isn’t binary. It’s not either/or. In many cases it’s both/and. A bit of this, a dash of that.’

@GeraldSorokaMP @bruce_stanton @DavidSweetMP @ctochor

Our children are taught that Gender Identity is ‘Woman-ness’ or ‘Man-ness.’

Is this gender teaching going back to binary concepts now?

Gender identity, it says, is based on: ‘personality traits, jobs, hobbies, likes, dislikes, roles, expectations.’

@TimUppal @takovanpopta

... And so finally, we come to the central tenet of gender ideology.

Our children’s gender, they are taught in EVERY resource, IS BASED ON REGRESSIVE STEREOTYPES of what it means to be a man or a woman.

@karen_vecchio @ArnoldViersen @cathayw @erinotoole @chriswarkentin

Do personality traits determine gender?

Which personality traits?

What does that even mean?

Five examples of personality traits are:


@KevinWaugh_CPC @Webber4Confed @JohnWilliamson_

To our Honourable MPs, which of these personality traits would you like to tell me determine gender, and why?

Any of you believe that women are more neurotic? 😳 I didn’t think so.

Gender teachings are based on sexist stereotypes.

@AliceWongCanada @DavidYurdiga

Do jobs determine gender?

If so, which gender is it to be a Member of Parliament?

Does a desire to be Prime Minister give a child more Man-ness?

Gender ideology is based on sexist, regressive stereotypes.

@cafreeland if you were little, you might be taught you’re a boy!

Do hobbies determine gender?

I like to garden. 🌱 Maybe I’m a woman!

Do likes and dislikes determine gender?

I like golf 🏌🏻, reading to my kids 📖 , and I dislike current politics. What gender am I?

I know! I must be gender fluid. That’s a thing, you know.


Do roles determine gender?

Because if so, I’m never cooking again. Except for eggs 🍳. I make great eggs.

Gender ideology teaches our kids their gender is determined by stereotypes.

@PatFinniganMP @DarrenFisherNS @PeterFonsecaMP @MonaFortier @melaniejoly @MaryamMonsef

Do expectations determine gender?

Woah. Seriously?

Like as in ‘women are expected to raise children and put careers on hold’ kind of expectations?

Or ‘boys are expected to be police officers and construction workers’ kind of expectations?

@pfragiskatos @SeanFraserMP

This approved gender resource, frequently used to teach our Canadian children, goes on to discuss ‘gender expression’ — another component of Bill C-6.

We are taught it’s ‘on a continuum’ somewhere ‘between 0 and 100.’

@MarcGarneau @MarkGerretsen @KenHardie @markhollandlib

Gender expression is how you express yourself in relation to the REGRESSIVE STEREOTYPES that society attributes to males and females.

How insane is it that we are now telling little boys who are more effeminate, that they are actual girls?

@AHousefather @HonAhmedHussen

Do you know what these false teachings are doing?

Especially when you combine these false teachings about gender, along with ‘affirmation only’ doctors and counsellors?

They are taking little boys who may end up gay, and teaching them they are girls BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!

We are teaching this same thing to girls who hate ‘girly things.’

We are teaching this to tomboys, and to girls who may become lesbians.

We are teaching them that they are ACTUAL BOYS.

@Gudie @MaryamMonsef @iamIqraKhalid @KerryLynneFindl @RobMoore_CPC @RhealFortin

Tell me, Members of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights...

Do we tell disabled people they are born in the wrong body?

@iamIqraKhalid @RobMoore_CPC @RhealFortin @Cooper4SAE @KerryLynneFindl @ChrisLewisEssex @mikekelloway @j_maloney @sangharamesh @viraniarif

Can you imagine the audacity to say such a thing?

Can you hear the howls of outrage that would erupt in the House of Commons if one of you fine Members of Parliament even whispered such a thing?

@SameerZuberi @r_garrison @IqraKhalidMP @KerryLynneFindl @RobMoore_CPC

Except you don’t whisper such a thing.

You write Bill C-6 which cements such a thing into law, and vote in favour of it 308 - 7.

A Bill that is incredibly FACTUALLY FLAWED right from the outset. Gender Identity changes all the time. We are taught it is fluid.


What I’m about to write about is what none of you seem to understand.

Actually, that’s not true. 7 men understood when they voted no.

Where are the women in Parliament standing up for our children, especially our girls?

@MaryamMonsef, it’s time to lead!

To the Honourable Maryam Monsef @MaryamMonsef, our Minister for Women and Gender Equality...

... and Rural Economic Development.


I would think that self-identified feminist @JustinTrudeau would realize it’s a full time job just being Minister for Women.


Maryam Monsef @MaryamMonsef, perhaps you’re familiar with this book.

It’s made some waves, and the ‘activists’ pushing Bill C-6 HATE it because it speaks observable truths.

It is compassionate. And it examines the clinical phenomenon mainly affecting adolescent females.

You should order it and read it if you want to even pretend that you are doing your job, but I’ll quote the book cover for you.

@AbigailShrier @JustinTrudeau @erinotoole @MaryamMonsef @IqraKhalidMP @RobMoore_CPC @RhealFortin @Cooper4SAE @KerryLynneFindl @ChrisLewisEssex

The “Trans” Epidemic Sweeping Teenage Girls

“Until just a few years ago, ‘gender dysphoria’ — severe discomfort in one’s biological sex — was vanishingly rare.” ~ @AbigailShrier

@MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @r_garrison @mikekelloway @jamesmalon @j_maloney @sangharamesh

“It was typically found in less than .01 percent of the population, emerged in early childhood, and afflicted males almost exclusively.” ~ @AbigailShrier

@MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @viraniarif @SameerZuberi @KerryLynneFindl @RobMoore_CPC @ChrisLewisEssex @yfblanchet

“But today whole groups of female friends in colleges, high schools, and even middle schools across the country are coming out as ‘transgender.’” ~ @AbigailShrier

@JustinTrudeau @MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @MinJusticeEn @theJagmeetSingh @KerryLynneFindl @Cooper4SAE

“These are girls who had never experienced any discomfort in their biological sex until they heard a coming-out story from a speaker at a school assembly or discovered the internet community of trans ‘influencers.’” ~ @AbigailShrier

@MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @yfblanchet

“Unsuspecting parents are awakening to find their daughters in thrall to hip trans YouTube stars and ‘gender-affirming’ educators and therapists who push life-changing interventions on young girls ...” ~ @AbigailShrier

@MaryamMonsef @MinJusticeEn @iamIqraKhalid @RhealFortin

“... including medically unnecessary double mastectomies and puberty blockers that can cause permanent infertility.” ~ @AbigailShrier

That puberty blocker is a drug called Lupron — deigned to treat prostate cancer and endometriosis — NOT HEALTHY 10-YEAR-OLDS!


“Abigail Shrier, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, has dug deep into the trans epidemic, talking to the girls, their agonized parents, and the counselors and doctors who enable gender transitions, ...” ~ @AbigailShrier

@MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @KerryLynneFindl

“... as well as to ‘detransitioners’ — young women who bitterly regret what they have done to themselves.” ~ @AbigailShrier

There are so many young people detransitioning — young women like Alex:

Read her thread and fix Bill C-6!

@MaryamMonsef @erinotoole @KerryLynneFindl

“Coming out as transgender immediately boosts these girls’ social status, Shrier finds, but once they take the first steps of transition, it is not easy to walk back.” ~ @AbigailShrier

Indeed, it’s impossible to walk back permanent medical harm.

@iamIqraKhalid @MaryamMonsef

It’s impossible.

But as always, don’t take my word for anything. Who am I? Im nobody, that’s who. I’m just some lousy insurance broker and a dad of girls.

I’m just a parent, like so many others, that you politicians refuse to listen to.

@erinotoole @KerryLynneFindl

To the Honourable Kerry-Lynne Findlay @KerryLynneFindl, you are my MP.

You also happen to sit on the ‘Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights’ that will be reviewing Bill C-6 before it goes to its final vote.

You have a big responsibility.

@erinotoole @IqraKhalidMP

I don’t expect you to listen to me, because virtually none of you MPs are listening to any of us parents.

Maybe you’ll listen to Kenneth J. Zucker, adolescent and child psychologist and chair of the DSM-5 Work Group on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders.


“In Irreversible Damage, Abigail Shrier provides a thought-provoking examination of a new clinical phenomenon mainly affecting adolescent females — what some have termed rapid-onset gender dysphoria.” ~Kenneth J. Zucker

@KerryLynneFindl @erinotoole @MaryamMonsef @yfblanchet

“It is a book that will be of great interest to parents, the general public, and mental health clinicians.”

~Kenneth J. Zucker, adolescent and child psychologist and chair of the DSM-5 Work Group on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders.

@KerryLynneFindl @IqraKhalidMP

Now, I can already hear Members of the Justice Committee saying “That’s all well and good, but Bill C-6 doesn’t address any of this, it’s just about stopping conversion therapy.”

I can already hear the spin, especially from NDP Members of the House.


Oh, I’m getting political, you say? No, I’m just expressing reality.

The NDP have already shown me loud and clear they have ZERO intention of ever listening to concerned parents about any of this.

@erinotoole @KerryLynneFindl @MaryamMonsef @RobMoore_CPC @iamIqraKhalid

But for any Members of Parliament who still have an open heart, functional mind, and a teaspoon of courage to face down the mob — here is what your terribly flawed and factually incorrect Bill C-6 is going to do, in the real world. ...

@iamIqraKhalid @RhealFortin

Bill C-6 will stop PROFESSIONAL licensed counsellors from taking on cases of children with gender dysphoria.

Full stop. 🛑

What therapist will risk jail time when some crazed activist can come along and accuse them of conversion therapy?

@erinotoole @MaryamMonsef

Do you, Members of Parliament, know all the reasons a child might present with gender dysphoria?

Of course you don’t.

Do you know the extremely high numbers of autistic children presenting with gender dysphoria?

No, you don’t!

@Cooper4SAE @RobMoore_CPC @iamIqraKhalid

Do you know much about gender dysphoria at all?

Have you even given it much thought before reading this thread?

You know, like the amount of thought that is needed before sending a small child on a path to irreversible medical damage?!

@KerryLynneFindl @erinotoole

Have you paused for even 10 minutes to read what experts in the field of sex and gender have to say?

PhDs like @DrDebraSoh or @JamesCantorPhD?

You know, the SCIENTISTS?

No, Honourable Members of Parliament, you have not!

@erinotoole @yfblanchet @JustinTrudeau

Because if you had consulted actual experts at all, Bill C-6 would have been dead on the drawing board!

What you have done is draft and nearly pass into law, a Bill that will stop professional licensed counsellors from doing their jobs.

@IaconoMP @MarciIen @HelenaJaczek

You have nearly guaranteed that MANY THOUSANDS of young, perfect CHILDREN will now be pushed along the path of ‘affirmation only’ and harmful PUBERTY BLOCKERS — when talk therapy and a wait-and-see approach is called for.

Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers!
To be continued! Wake up, politicians!
I’ll add more to this thread later tonight, but everyone, please do Canada’s children a favour and reply within the thread so that the Members of Parliament who are tagged, and others who are reading this, can see your comments!

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