COVID-19 can invade men’s testicles.

That is what researchers at University of Miami discovered.

They're studying whether COVID causes fertility issues and if it is sexually transmitted.

Doctors tested the testicles of men who died from COVID and found the virus.
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Researchers at University of Miami also discovered the virus in a living man’s testicle.

The man had COVID, then tested negative and was symptom free for weeks.

He had a biopsy for fertility issues, and the virus was still detected in the testicle weeks later.
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The research continues into whether COVID impacts male fertility.

Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy says 10-20% of men with COVID have pain/tenderness in the testicles.

He encourages men who have had COVID are and concerned to have their sperm count checked.
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Researchers are also trying to determine whether COVID is in semen – and whether it is sexually transmitted.

Dr. Ramasamy says the fact that it is for sure in the testicles is a clue it could be in semen.
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For people who are especially worried – you can always freeze your sperm for later use.

Dr. Ramasamy details that process here.

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