#BREAKING As vote counting in shambolic US presidential elections enters its tenth day, with states resorting to hand counts and urging staff to do sums on their fingers, there are signs the autocratic Donald Trump and President-elect, Joe Biden, may be preparing to share power.
#BREAKING Analysts say it is an unlikely coincidence that on the same day Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, says the US needs a "handshake" (or power-sharing agreement), lawmakers from Trump's far right Republican party also demand Biden gets classified intelligence briefings.
#BREAKING Sources say that having so far failed in his attempts to kick US dictator, Donald Trump, out of the barricaded presidential palace, President-elect Joe Biden has retreated to his multi-million dollar beach house to consider an offer to share power as a Prime Minister.
#BREAKING Department of Homeland Security calls shambolic November 3 election the "most secure" in US history, which analysts note is not saying much. The DHS statement, they say, appears to be a coordinated attempt by hardliners in both camps to torpedo power-sharing talks.
#BREAKING More lawmakers from the white wing of the far right US Republican party now appear comfortable with transitioning power from the aging, wealthy, white ruler Donald Trump, to his aging, wealthy, white rival, Joe Biden, saying talk of change had initially put them off.
#BREAKING US President-elect Joe Biden looks set to inherit the mantle of white tribal kingpin from the authoritarian Donald Trump, who in turn may be named Official Leader of the Opposition, paving the way for white America to reunite in the traditional inauguration ceremony.
#BREAKING Outraged by power-sharing deal between populist dictator, Donald Trump, and President-elect, Joe Biden, white extremists with links to terror groups and insurgents operating in the vast, poor and depopulated US interior, plan to march on coastal capital, Washington DC.
#BREAKING Many extremist whites in the US are opposed to opposed to modern science, medicine and education, as well as to disarming Christian terror groups and lone wolf insurgents who routinely mount deadly attacks on civilian targets including schools and entertainment spots.
#BREAKING Extreme whites also despise moderates like Joe Biden whom they accuse of selling out white tribes to make self-serving political deals with ethnic minorities and undermining traditional cultural beliefs in white supremacy and in the role of women as domestic workers.
#BREAKING International medical aid group, Doctors Without Borders, deploys emergency team to troubled US which is in the throes of a deep humanitarian crisis, political deadlock, and economic meltdown as the covid-19 pandemic kills nearly a quarter of a million Americans.
#BREAKING Sources say children of US ruler Donald Trump, who despite being married adults still live with their parents, are trying to sabotage power-sharing deal between the populist dictator and President-elect, Joe Biden, to avoid having to move out of the presidential palace.
#BREAKING AU to impose sanctions on "spoilers" undermining "handshake" power sharing deal between US dictator Donald Trump and moderate white President-elect Joe Biden, meant to stop post-election violence and protect democratic gains in the disease-ravaged north American nation.
#BREAKING AU sanctions threat comes after leaked plan by ruling far-right Republican party to change composition of Federal Election Commission which analysts see as part of a wider ploy to discredit continuing vote count from shambolic presidential elections held two weeks ago.
#BREAKING Newly-released report by African election observer team highlights urgent need to build vote counting and tallying capacity in the US by investing in teaching basic math skills in schools; urges AU donors to provide resources under Marshall Plan for Democracy project.
#BREAKING As members of Donald Trump's family and far right Republican party continue to rail against the power-sharing deal, president-elect Joe Biden is said to be questioning whether he can trust international guarantees that the US dictator will keep his end of the agreement.
#BREAKING Thousands of rightwing activists from covid-blighted interior of oil-rich US descend on coastal capital, Washington DC, to protest use of vote counting to determine election winners. Many fear math's Islamist roots may foreshadow secret plan to introduce Sharia Law.
#BREAKING US palace spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnany, demonstrates use of sophisticated algorithm recently employed by extreme rightwing dictator, Donald Trump, to determine who won presidential elections, to show that a few thousand protesters can become a million when not counted.
#BREAKING Pockets of tribal violence break out in US capital, Washington DC, as government and opposition supporters clash outside barricaded presidential palace where extremist white populist despot Donald Trump continues to cling to power despite losing presidential elections.
#BREAKING US despot Donald Trump lambasts media coverage of protest march by supporters claiming journalists are only showing the empty streets, not his "massive" fans, many from the interior of the country, where a dire humanitarian crisis forces them to survive on fast food.
#BREAKING Violent tribally-charged confrontations continue in restive US capital, Washington DC as extremist white pro-government demonstrators march through the city, raising tensions in the ethnic black stronghold where Donald Trump remains blockaded in the presidential palace.
#BREAKING AU envoy, Monica Juma, calls for calm as police struggle to contain tribally-charged post-election violence in US capital, Washington DC, which threatens to spread across the desperate, crisis-torn nation where rampant disease has already claimed nearly 250,000 lives.
#BREAKING African musicians, led by Ben Githae, plan series of online concerts with American counterparts from persecuted ethnic minority groups as well as white moderates to spread message of peace and reconciliation among deeply divided tribal communities in the troubled US.
#BREAKING The Zoom concerts will aim to raise awareness of the values of tolerance and democracy as well as funds for the Make America Thin Again aid project to combat widespread malnutrition in the US interior which is in the grip of a chronic economic and humanitarian crisis.
#BREAKING The concert is the brainchild of famed explorer, Milton Allimadi, former head of the AU election observer team and Director of the Marshall Plan for Democracy, whose experiences in the US led him to found the Make America Think Again non-profit civic education platform.
#BREAKING "He won because the Election was Rigged" tweets US despot, Donald Trump, in backhanded concession to moderate white opposition leader and President-elect, Joe Biden, that analysts now hope will ease dangerous tribal tensions in the strife-torn north American nation.
#BREAKING Aging dictator, Donald Trump, walks back concession after many in troubled US misunderstand it to mean he had lost the election rather than that he had won the race to second-place. "WE WILL WIN" he tweets to supporters from bunker in barricaded presidential palace.
#BREAKING In his first attempt to address the coronavirus outbreak devastating his nation, US ruler, Donald Trump, announces three-month lockdown of area around presidential palace, with staff not allowed to leave and President-elect Joe Biden's transitional team not allowed in.
#BREAKING Report from Accra-based Royal American Society says world must do more to help disease-ravaged US urgently reform its gerontocracy to reduce average age of leaders in the covid era, noting three of its four septuagenarian rulers were elected in just the last 40 years.
#BREAKING Americanists in Kenya's Foreign Affairs ministry push President Uhuru Kenyatta to take action against conservative religious hardliners undermining power-sharing deal between populist autocrat, Donald Trump, and President-elect, Joe Biden, in crisis-torn, oil-rich US.
#BREAKING Medical experts are mystified by demand for a stop to future vaccine tests after initial results indicate second coronavirus vaccine could be more than 94% effective. US dictator, Donald Trump, claims doing more testing risks diminishing effectiveness of the vaccines.
#BREAKING Tensions rise in crisis-wracked US as embattled dictator, Donald Trump, is set to recall troops from Afghanistan and Iraq just days before he is due to hand over to President-elect, Joe Biden, in what many fear is part of a plan to use the military to hang on to power.
#BREAKING US president-elect, Joe Biden, tells reporters that he continues to hope incumbent autocrat, Donald Trump, will let him inside the barricaded presidential palace as per the power-sharing deal, saying it was "embarrassing" to stand in the street and knock without answer.
#BREAKING AU expresses "alarm" at weekend violence in US seaside capital, Washington DC, demands leaders deescalate immediately, ensure humanitarian access to civilians in Texas, and continue the inclusive dialogue on power-sharing and reform, leading to free and fair elections.
#BREAKING First African journalist to reach reclusive US tribal heartland of Wyoming reports rising political tensions, and a desperate population devastated by disease and a collapsing economy. Also gets to sample the local cuisine and listen to heartwarming stories of hope.
#BREAKING "Despite the tragedy unfolding around them, the unusually proud and dignified people of Wyoming maintain their traditional beliefs which, sadly, reject modern medicine as un-American," reports Ernest Kheminwai, who spent a few days in the dangerous and benighted region.
#BREAKING Humanitarian agencies are struggling to cope as millions of internally displaced persons journey across the US fleeing the deepening humanitarian crisis, with some studies showing that over a fifth of Americans have moved or permanently relocated in the past six months.
#BREAKING Analysts warn that without international intervention, the American Spring democratic revolution could turn into a winter of repression as the totalitarian state clamps down, recalling the military, and attempting to invalidate elections and restrict voting rights.
#BREAKING Global alarm as aging US dictator, Donald Trump, orders more troops back from overseas in bid to cling on to power even as his allies in white wing of far-right ruling Republican try to invalidate and overturn election of older white moderate, Joe Biden, as president.
#BREAKING Afraid Joe Biden may sneak in while he is away, US autocrat, Donald Trump, refuses to leave his bunker below barricaded presidential palace for traditional Thanksgiving harvest festival, which commemorates genocide of millions of Native people and theft of their land.
#BREAKING US geriatric ruler, Donald Trump, fires head of election security agency for denying widespread fraud or systemic problems during the strife-torn country's recent shambolic elections despite extensive gerrymandering and voter suppression by the President and his allies.
#BREAKING As he desperately fights to cling on to power, US autocrat Donald Trump is determined to show that it is business as usual at the barricaded presidential palace, that he is fully unaware of the pandemic sweeping his nation and completely in control of his golfing habit.
#BREAKING The AU offers to host "Summit for Democracy" donor roundtable requested by US President-elect Joe Biden to raise funds in his first year in office to rebuild democracy and good governance in the US and address the troubled nation's deep economic and humanitarian crises.
#BREAKING Shock as US autocrat Donald Trump explains inaction over covid-19 pandemic that has swept the volatile, north American nation, killing nearly 250,000 people amid a disputed election, tweeting: "Well, it’s really quite simple. You just can’t have more votes than people!"
#BREAKING Analysts worry about mental state of US ruler, Donald Trump, after he tweets his own claims of election fraud are "unbelievable". The autocrat has spent weeks in self-isolation in the barricaded presidential palace bunker fearing eviction by President-elect Joe Biden.
#BREAKING According to the Centre for North American Studies at the University of Nairobi, even by US standards, the recent elections in the strife-torn, disease-ravaged nation, have been shambolic, with poorly trained officials still counting votes weeks after Election Day.
#BREAKING US President-elect Joe Biden secures coveted Mahlamba Ndlopfu meeting with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa which will shore up his legitimacy at home following disputed polls and a worsening humanitarian crises in the strategically-located north American nation.
#BREAKING US exceeds 250,000 deaths from the covid-19 pandemic that has crippled the politically unstable nation, a notorious haven for extremist terror groups, as experts warn the crisis is worsening maternal mortality rates that had already more than doubled in 30 years.
#BREAKING Armando Cabada, mayor of Mexican border town of Ciudad Juárez, threatens to turn back thousands of American refugees fleeing chaos in US and risking their lives to cross the Rio Grande river which marks the border, blaming them for rising covid-19 cases in his city.
#BREAKING Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador appeals to the international community to do more to stabilize his fragile northern neighbor as US refugees, displaced by political instability and a runaway pandemic which has killed over 250,000 people, stream into Mexico.
#BREAKING As the country sinks deeper into a political, economic and humanitarian crisis, UN Secretary General António Guterres is using World Toilet Day to highlight the plight of millions of Americans living without access to safe drinking water, sanitation and indoor plumbing.
#BREAKING In hard-hitting statement, Uganda "deplores" attempt by US ruling far-right Republican junta to cling to power despite losing elections, and urges all Americans to renounce violence and undertake good-faith measures to reduce tensions, and respect fundamental freedoms.
#BREAKING Urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss global security threat posed by embattled US dictator, Donald Trump, who is destabilizing countries across the world in scorched earth campaign to stay in power despite losing elections in the rogue nuclear-armed nation.
#BREAKING African charities issue urgent appeal for help for suffering population in politically unstable US, where covid-19 is pushing already food insecure populations into crisis. By end of year, 1 in every 6 people, including 17 million children, may need food aid to survive.
#BREAKING Kenya to launch investigation into collusion between its election officials and far-white US ruler Donald Trump's defense team after the latter makes electoral fraud claims bearing marked resemblance to irregularities that led to annulment of Kenyan elections in 2017.
#BREAKING Multiple sources confirm extremist white US ruler, Donald Trump, plans to have himself declared president by the banana-exporting north American republic's subservient legislature despite having lost in shambolic elections to moderate white opposition leader, Joe Biden.
#BREAKING Kanegi Foundation analysts say aging far-white US autocrat, Donald Trump, could cling to power in the unstable, oil-rich country the same way he captured one of its oldest political parties - by appealing to white tribal fears of equality, diversity and modern medicine.
#BREAKING Famed adventurer and head of AU's Marshall Plan for Democracy project, Milton Allimadi, plans risky new expedition into covid-blighted US interior which is crawling with Christian terror groups, to find source of discontent powering rise of conservative white extremism.
#BREAKING Report by Accra-based Royal American Society says the Orange Revolution launched by far-white US ruler, Donald Trump, in a bid to cling to power despite losing in shambolic elections, could forever change the complexion of politics in the ethnically polarized country.
#BREAKING Following press conference where lawyers for US autocrat, Donald Trump, outline details of plan to subvert the troubled country's fledgling democracy, shocking media revelations indicate substance dripping from Rudy Giuliani's head was not hair dye as earlier thought.
#BREAKING As the political, economic and humanitarian crisis engulfing the US threatens to spill over into its neighbors, experts on the region warn of a massive refugee crisis and continued inter-ethnic violence if the country's aging strongman continues bid to hang on to power.
#BREAKING Christian militants in tribal regions of crisis-wracked US reportedly preparing for war if far-white populist ruler, Donald Trump, is evicted from presidential palace where he has been barricaded since losing elections to moderate white opposition leader, Joe Biden.
#BREAKING Via media surrogates, cash-strapped, egomaniacal US autocrat, Donald Trump, offers to recognize the election of opposition leader Joe Biden as President and to open the barricaded presidential palace, in exchange for immunity and naming rights over the covid-19 vaccine.
#BREAKING Scared officials from US border state of Michigan defect to Canada after far-white dictator, Donald Trump, exposes them to coronavirus inside the barricaded presidential palace in the capital, Washington DC, in ruthless attempt to force them to change election results.
#BREAKING US Crown Prince, Donald "Baby Don" Trump Jr, 42, diagnosed with coronavirus in what many say could be an attempt to kick him and his girlfriend out of the presidential palace, in a nation where adult kids are increasingly reluctant to move out of their parents' home.
#BREAKING US Foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, makes controversial visit to illegal Israeli settlement the occupied West Bank as far-white Donald Trump regime scouts future options for political asylum should his attempt to remain in power despite losing presidential elections fail.
#BREAKING Record numbers of Americans flee turmoil in their crisis-wracked nation with five times as many expected to renounce their citizenship in 2020 compared to 2019, as deepening political, economic and health crises compound an already catastrophic humanitarian situation.
#BREAKING US ruler, Donald "Papa Don" Trump and his son, Crown Prince Donald "Baby Don" Trump Jr, are said to be plotting the next phase of the Orange Counter-revolution after initial attempts to undo democratic gains from the American Spring popular revolt seem to have stalled.
#BREAKING Far-white US autocrat, Donald "Papa Don" Trump, who is barricaded in the presidential palace after losing elections, is reportedy furious with his staff after they tricked him into signing up for the G20 summit by pretending it would be a 20-hole round of online golf.
#BREAKING Kenya, the global leader in mobile money, offers to set up M-PESA paybill number for US President-elect Joe Biden after he makes online appeal for donations to cover moving costs to the presidential palace if he manages to evict current tenant, Donald "Papa Don" Trump.
#BREAKING As disease-ravaged US teeters on the brink of a politically-charged tribal conflict sparked by disputed presidential elections, Crown Prince Donald "Baby Don" Trump Jr, in isolation after testing positive for coronavirus, admits he has been amassing a cache of weapons.
#BREAKING In a message to followers of his father, populist ruler, Donald "Papa Don" Trump, Baby Don says he will pass time in Covid isolation cleaning his guns then go seek some excitement. "There’s only so many guns I can clean before that gets bored" he posted on social media.
#BREAKING Far-white US dictator, Donald "Papa Don" Trump, skips G-20 session on covid-19 preparedness to go golfing, says "covid, covid, covid" was not what he had signed up for. Later accuses media of not highlighting other countries' "wild" obsession with stopping the disease.
#BREAKING War of words breaks out between Kenya and Somalia after senior Kenyan official is caught on camera ridiculing the latter's preparations for upcoming elections by comparing them to those of a Western democracy. "We are not America!" protests Villa Somalia spokesperson.
#BREAKING According to a draft communique, AU leaders pledge to share successful COVID-19 strategies and know-how with the rest of the world, and to do what is needed to support hard-hit, poorly governed first world countries struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
#BREAKING Experts say refusal by US ruler Donald "Papa Don" Trump to accept election results is a major test for the troubled north American nation’s fledgling democracy. Failure to achieve peaceful transition could boost white extremist terrorists in its covid-ravaged interior.
#BREAKING As support ebbs for attempt to subvert presidential election results by US autocrat Donald "Papa Don" Trump, attention turns to whether moderate white President-elect Joe Biden will seek a working compromise with xenophobic, science-denying, far-white Republican party.
#BREAKING Defiant message meant to rally support for beleaguered US autocrat Donald "Papa Don" Trump, is smuggled out of the presidential palace in the coastal capital of Washington DC, where he and his family have barricaded themselves, and published on white extremist websites.
#BREAKING As aging US President-elect Joe Biden prepares to announce foreign minister as first cabinet pick, experts worry it indicates he may be oblivious of the scale of domestic political upheaval, instability and humanitarian suffering in his oil-rich north American nation.
#BREAKING Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta warns his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Museveni, that his refusal to give up power is emboldening rogue leaders in politically unstable Western nations such as the US, where the incumbent dictator refuses to accept election results.
#BREAKING Moderate white ruling party national security experts urge US legislators to resist climate of fear created by aging dictator, Donald "Papa Don" Trump, to extend his reign -widely considered one of the bloodiest in recent US history with nearly 260,000 Americans killed.
#BREAKING Many around the globe are shocked by the callousness of the corrupt Papa Don regime, with African media condemning him for continuing to golf while thousands of Americans die daily of disease and malnutrition and the country experiences political and economic meltdown.
#BREAKING As a key government agency finally agrees to help millionaire US President-elect Joe Biden find movers, more Americans are daring to believe that the blood-soaked reign of Donald "Papa Don" Trump, who remains barricaded in the presidential palace, may soon be over.
#BREAKING As millions of migrant workers across covid-ravaged US cram into buses, trains and planes to head home for the annual Thanksgiving holiday, international public health experts are worried this will further spread the virus that has already killed 260,000 Americans.
#BREAKING In what may be another sign of his waning grip on power, analysts suspect insiders in the barricaded presidential palace may have wrested control of US tyrant Donald "Papa Don" Trump's Twitter account, noting that there have been no tweets in all caps in the last 24hrs.
#BREAKING Fears of palace coup amid intensifying internecine power struggle within barricaded presidential palace in US coastal capital of Washington DC, as regime of Donald "Papa Don" Trump begins to implode and factions battle for control of the aging tyrant's Twitter account.
#BREAKING Teaching an old dog new tricks? AU pledges to assist regime of elderly President-elect Joe Biden establish democracy in the US and strengthen the crisis-wracked nation's weak political institutions and democratic processes following chaotic and divisive elections.
#BREAKING Family of aging US dictator Donald "Papa Don" Trump rebuffs international offers of mediation after conflict erupts inside barricaded presidential palace over control of his phone and Twitter account, pitting Crown Prince Donald "Baby Don" Trump Jr against his siblings.
#BREAKING As it looks increasingly clear that feared far-white US strongman Donald "Papa Don" Trump's days in power are numbered, more Americans are coming forward with shocking stories of their experiences. One palace reporter describes covering the dictator as "weird as shit".
#BREAKING AU statement applauds elderly US President-elect Joe Biden's ambition to lead the world, saying Africans "are inspired by the enthusiasm of new members of the free world," but also noting the US must "first learn to walk the democratic talk" before it can run the globe.
#BREAKING AU statement also welcomes US intention to rejoin international treaties but warns that the newly-liberated, nuclear-armed rogue state, long a global pariah, will need to comply with stringent conditions before it can be fully admitted into the fraternity of nations.
#BREAKING Beleaguered US autocrat, Donald "Papa Don" Trump, claims credit for soaring stock market, says recent record highs would have been impossible without him since they reflect investor confidence in his imminent removal from the highest office in the disease-ravaged land.
#BREAKING As Americans prepare to mark the genocide and dispossession visited on native communities by symbolically killing and eating native birds, moderate white President-elect Joe Biden admits in a speech that the US is sick and broken, and needs healing and to be made whole.
#BREAKING Far-white politicians from ruling US Republican party warn that moderate whites from opposition Democratic party plan the same abuses of power the extremists have committed if allowed to use the constitution and voters to overthrow regime of Donald "Papa Don" Trump.
#BREAKING Americans have lost over KSh14.5 billion to scams related to the covid pandemic as the oil-rich, corruption-riddled country, where greed and inequality are rife, struggles to contain a virus which has killed 260,000 and worsened an already dire humanitarian crisis.
#BREAKING AU officials are worried that continuing political instability in crisis-wracked US may hamper efforts to stem the threat from terror groups affiliated with Proud Boys and Aryan Brotherhood, forcing AU America Command to deploy African troops to the country's interior.
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