Keeping track of the Trump's and his supporter's efforts to cheat, spread lies, and stoke fears to delegitimize election.


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Example 3:

Disinformation agents and MAGAs spread fake video claiming voter fraud in Detroit.
Example 4:

Disinformation agents and MAGAs retweeting fake pre-filled-out ballots.
Example 6:

People who are not poll workers claiming that they through out ballots.

See this thread.
Example 9:

Claiming Republicans aren't watching the polls
Example 11:

Spreading lies that more people voted in Wisconsin than who were registered to vote.
Example 13:

Claiming elections officials improperly counted absentee ballots:
Example 18:

Claiming people are sneaking ballots in extra ballots (Shows how quickly conspiracy theories spread)
Example 23:

Causing vote counting centres to close due to unrest by Armed Trump supporters
Example 25:

USPS under DeJoy failing to deliver votes by mails to polls for counting.
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I'll expand on further cases below
Example 45:

Republicans killed #SAFEAct which would have required robust manual election audits.
Example 46:

Evidence suggests several state Senate candidates in Florida were plants funded by dark money to syphon votes off of Democratic voters.
Example 49:

USPS under DeJoy disassembled mail sorting machines in a number of states including Oregon, Michigan, Oklahoma and Kansas.
Example 50:

USPS under Dejoy removed at least 700 mail collection boxes with “no intention to” bring them back.
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