Izuku, now known as Deku, comes from a long line of fighters that have extremely strong legs. Because of that strength, they are used as protection slaves that are constantly bound until there's a reason to fight, most of the time for entertainment. Their hands are bound,
But their legs are free to use.

One day, during a specific kingdom's festival, they are visited by the Draconic kingdom, known for their inclusiveness but wanted to gain some new territory so they decided to observe the festivities. The kingdom's Draconic Prince, Katsuki,
Watches the fight between two of the combat slaves and was instantly enamored by the green-haired, freckled beauty that goes by the name of Deku. He took down all of the other slaves with no mercy, his feet soaked in the blood of his opponents, yet never faltered.

Katsuki never
Agreed with this kingdom's idea of slavery, especially having combat slaves for entertainment. Seeing the beauty being tied down after the event, seeing him growling and thrashing around to break free from his bindings, made the blonde prince's heart pound. His own kingdom is-
Known for being barbaric and rough, but seeing this man take down not one but four knights with just his legs in two kicks. The man was not to be underestimated.

From a distance, he looked a lot smaller, possibly because his opponents were much larger and bulkier. But the slave
Was far more enormous when Katsuki approached him, his face was sculpted like a God and his muscles were bulging. Compared to the Draconic Prince, Deku had a body that was well-built and trained, especially in his bottom half region. It made the blonde want him even more and he-
Would get that slave and give him his freedom as one of his people.

As he gets closer, his comrades at his side, Deku immediately stands his ground, with a scowl on his face. Legs spread and ready to engage, like a true beast ready to pounce on a predator. Absolutely stunning.
As the beast watches the group arrive, he scans them, but immediately stares at the Prince, confused as to why his instincts were telling him not to fight. All he's ever known was fighting but he didn't like how he was always bound, he wanted to be free, and he felt that this-
Person with hair that shines like a halo and eyes dyed a deep crimson, would grant that wish.

"Can you understand me?" the Angel asks.

Izuku growls as a response, showing his fangs as a way to assert dominance.

"I take that as a yes, Shitty Deku," the blonde beauty smirks as-
He reaches out a hand, "Take my hand. I'll set you free and give you a place where you belong."

The green-haired warrior stares into those deep red pools, sensing no lie in his stature. He takes the hand, the tanned, calloused hands that are warm to touch, and accepts his offer.
The Angel smiles, "Let's go kick some ass, Deku."

The larger man doesn't respond, he only observes what this man has to offer.

His savior. His messiah.

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