Dear @GSAEmily
Personal Indenity Verification (PIV) Cards
👇🏻I have questions👇🏻
As the @GSA Administrator your job is to ensure the Agency is operating smoothly/efficiently
@GSA_OIG Feb2017-Aug2019
-FAILED to account for 15,000 PIV
-445 contractors who FAILED a background check
So @GSAEmily you get these are laws?
“cardholder is no longer eligible for a PIV card, FIPS 201-2 requires agencies to collect & disable the PIV card. This standard also requires that agencies disable unrecovered cards within 18 hours of notification that the card is unrecovered“
They SENT YOU A MANAGEMENT ALERT @GSAEmily mismanagement much?

“GSA could not account for nearly 15,000 contract employee PIV cards.. the serious security risks raised by these unaccounted-for PIV cards, our office issued an alert memo to the GSA Deputy Admin n on Nov 22, 2019”
Holy CRAP unbelievable
“...some GCIMS data used by the agency's Office of Mission Assurance to manage PIV card issuance, status and recovery for both federal and contract employees was inaccurate and incomplete“
Here’s the link to the GSA-OIG Nov report
Good After @GSAEmily

I hope you‘ve taken the time to:
-hire competent counsel
-begged Trump for a preemptive pardon
The 117th Congress is likely to make you waddle in for a straight up DC verbal shellacking
😂👇🏻July 2020 Emily👇🏻😂
- @GSAEmily your Feb 2018 written testimony proves to contain at least 6 blatant lies

“...distilled into four guiding principles that can be applied to every aspect of GSA’s mission: ethical leadership, reducing duplication, increasing competition improving transparency”
- @GSAEmily again you ordering your staff to delete & shred docs, ask yourself:
”how will I fair in prison”
—> what you did re FBI HQ & Trump’s DC hotel
your shit is foul & I hope you have a really good attorney
The 117th Congress will be coming for you👇🏻
Alex I’ll take @GSAEmily OBSTRUCTING A LAWFUL investigation for 10-15 years in prison for today’s daily double
Whispers - even after you leave Govt Service Emily you’ll be lucky if you aren’t indicted
Never Forget
Never Forgotten
2018 Mitch meets 2021 LOLs
No really @GSAEmily you think you can wash away the stink of subterfuge, lies/smokey eyeshadow & bullshit.
the 117th Congress will be knocking hard on your door & I’m here for ALL of it
Justice is coming for you Emily
And @GSAEmily the sooner you sign that letter the better for your career. At the rate you’re going the only firm that will hire you is @Trump but you do know that the new administration what happens, right?
I have one name for you Emily:
Monica Marie Goodling
Google that
So @GSAEmily had her previous DID # ‘86 which is fine but you do understand that these letters from Congress are meant to memorialize your maladministration & malfeasance- RIGHT?
do your job & sign the letter Emily
Because sharing is caring & these are public servants that work for us 
Dear @GSAEmily
each day that you refuse to sign the letter is another day DMV (DC MD VA) add you to their blacklist
Your intransigence means you are being blacklisted & the Americans dying from COVID-19 are on you
sign the __ letter you recalcitrant HACK
Everything in @MeidasTouch ad concerning @GSAEmily is in fact - FACT CHECK TRUE - see up thread for documents
Lady @GSAEmily you are SCREWED
bring your attorney Emily
bring your binder full of lies
bring your “I’d like to invoke my 5th Amendment” right you can only do that on specific questions
Dear @GSAEmily

sign that letter or expect Congress to come for you and they will be merciless
DO YOUR JOB - SIGN THE LETTER you recalcitrant Trump-HACK
0.0 chance of Trump winning ZERO PATH
Dear @GSAEmily

your filthy partisan dirty laundry is in fact being aired out for the public to see
Emily - we SEE YOU
Dear @GSAEmily
“We cannot wait yet another week to obtain basic information about your refusal to make the ascertainment determination,” the Chairs wrote. “Every additional day that is wasted is a day that the safety, health, and well-being of the American people is imperiled...
Oh dear @GSAEmily

you brought this ALL on yourself
you are not following the law but for anyone who’s been paying attention that‘s your SOP
Lady do your job or expect to never work in DC - your black listing continues LOLs
Holy GOD @GSAEmily I see @RepAdamSchiff has a few thoughts for you...
tock because the longer you delay the likelihood of a subpoena and possibly a criminal referral increase exponentially
LOLs sign the damn letter
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