Rs blocked efforts 2 assess the legitimacy of their own “wins” (2000, 2002, 2004, 2016), many of which defied polls or involved glitches. They killed the #SAFEAct, which wld have required robust manual audits this year. Rs have unclean hands on the issue of election integrity. 1/
That Rs feel entitled to howl over a corrected machine error—after the many more errors that they gleefully ignored in the past—in an election that Biden was expected to win (unlike so many of the GOP’s supposed “wins”)—& after killing the #SAFEAct—is enuf to make me see red. 2/
3/ Republicans didn’t give a sh#t that 16k votes were inexplicably deleted from Al Gore’s vote total in Volusia County, FL in 2000 & that the explanation made no sense.
4/ Republicans did not care when an additional 4k votes were deleted from Gore's total in Brevard County, FL in the 2000 presidential election.
5/ On the contrary, Republicans in 2000 staged a fake "Brooks Brothers" protest--w/ Roger Stone at the helm-- to generate fake outrage that helped them run out the clock & persuade SCOTUS to stop the recount.
6/ Rs did not care when 6K votes vanished from @DonSiegelman's total AFTER he was declared victorious in his 02 gubernatorial reelection race in Alabama. On the contrary, Karl Rove's client, Alabama's AG, confiscated the paper ballots to prevent a recount.
8/ Rs didn't care when Ken Blackwell--Ohio's Secretary of State in 2004 & a member of Bush's campaign--hired Republican operatives to re-route Kerry's results thru a backup server hosted by Smartech, which also hosted the Bush White House's emails, in TN.
12/ As a result, most large WI counties conducted their recount only by machine (which can't detect hacking), the MI recount was stopped after 3 days (& excluded machines w/ broken safety seals & precincts where the # of votes & # of voters didn't match), & ...
15/ How many presidential elections and thus Supreme Court seats have Republicans stolen? We will never know because Rs insisted on electoral opacity. We must not allow them now to weaponize that opacity to steal the 2020 election or the narrative surrounding it.
16/ How could I not mention the wiped election server in the aftermath of Karen Handel’s supposed defeat of @ossoff (D) in the #GA06 race of 2017, which included a “rare memory card error” in Georgia’s largest county? I wrote about all of that here. 
18/ “Rare error’ delays Fulton County vote counts in 6th district race” - 4/19/17
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