*Decarbonisation target*

In effect the report abandons the 2030 decarbonisation target mandated by Conference (unmentioned). In several places it embraces the net-zero 2050 target or policies in line with it. The level of ambition is majorly reduced from Labour's 2019 manifesto.
*Levels of investment*

It may sound a lot but the report doesn't call for much new spending. Largely, it's about 'bringing forward' capital investment already committed by Sunak.

Compare that with 2019 Labour's 10-year £250bn green transformation fund.
*Home insulation*

Last year Labour had a transformational policy to insulate all 27m UK homes by 2030. Creates 250,000 jobs, saves families £416/year, cuts carbon emissions by 10% & eradicates fuel poverty.

Now Labour has abandoned this demand & asks for 7 million homes by 2030
*Public ownership*

Commitments to public ownership of energy, water & broadband were at the heart of the 2019 conference motion, manifesto & member submissions.

None is mentioned in this report.
*Energy policy*

❌ proposals for publicly-owned windfarms, creating 70,000 jobs and benefitting coastal communities, axed
❌ 1.75m solar panels supplying free energy for working-class homes, axed
❌ public ownership of energy grid, axed

The demands are vague and unsubstantive. Nothing on free bus travels for <25s or restoring cut bus routes, let alone the expansion of free public transport we really need. Nothing on moving away from car culture. https://tribunemag.co.uk/2019/08/make-public-transport-free

Finally the plan resolutely ignores members' and unions' democratically-expressed demands, formally Labour's policy. Conference motion isn't mentioned, nor is the fact that over 2/3 of submissions were in support of LGND proposals.
The argument might come that this is only a stimulus package and more will be put out in future. We'll see.

But if it's being labelled as a 'green recovery plan' or 'Green New Deal' - we're clear it doesn't live up to the science, climate justice or to party democracy.
What's more, I suspect it will be blown out the water next week by Johnson's techno-utopian 'green industrial revolution'.

Labour was (briefly) the Party of Climate. At this rate, not for long!
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