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One thing Izuku didn’t know about being sexually active is that he didn’t think he would feel the repercussions of his late night sexcapades, especially when they are a well-endowed alphas.

When he first started sleeping with Katsuki Bakugou,
a mere stranger he met off of tinder, he noticed how the next day, or even shortly after they finished. He feels the hole Katsuki wedged inside him with his cock and how it sits inside his belly long after the blond has departed.
He felt the constant reminder with each movement he makes, pressure building in his gut where Katsuki would be even though the alpha isn’t anywhere to be seen or heard from, especially when he was busy with work.
Their arrangement of fucking throughout the month then coming together to beat out a heat and rut held a semblance of structure, forming into a relationship that Izuku could rely on while Katsuki fucked an even bigger hole inside him.
He loved how he could feel how well the blond fucked him hours after Katsuki has left, toes curling into the blankets of his bed as he stares at the ceiling with a fond smile.

If feels as though a mass has settled into the depths of his abdomen, swelling under his flesh
and tingling each nerve individually. Most people would ask if he’s pregnant, but he would scoff and roll his eyes at the thought. Him and Katsuki are way too careful for any mixups, and besides, he thinks being pupped by the man would feel any different.
He ends up telling Katsuki everything one night as the blond smokes a cigarette off near the terrace, enveloped in the city skyline view of his apartment while Izuku’s voice travels seamlessly on the light breeze. At first the omega didn’t know what Katsuki
thought about the whole thing, even going as far as to think he didn’t really care about what Izuku felt long after he’s gone.

Boy, was Izuku wrong.

The next time they fuck, Katsuki has him on his back, legs hooked atop the blond’s shoulders as Katsuki pounds
away at his quivering pussy. Katsuki always fucked him with a purpose; he always aims for Izuku’s belly button and doesn’t stop until one of them shrieks from overstimulation, and more often than not, Izuku can hardly contain his squeals.
Katsuki’s hands slide across Izuku’s hips to the green haired omega’s stomach where a continuous bump pumps up and down right under the skin and muscle. The blond holds Izuku down and repeatedly thrusts inside him with pressure locked on that special place.
It quickly has Izuku yelping, squirming for release when it comes quicker, and more surprisingly than ever before.

Liquid shoots out from his thoroughly abused cunt, chasing after Katsuki’s thick alpha cock as soon as he yanks it from the omega harshly.
He holds Izuku down, forcing him to ride out the intense orgasm all the while slipping his fingers into the sopping wet pussy to finger him senseless.

Katsuki becomes satisfied when Izuku convulses similarly for the second time shortly after and they both lay side by side,
panting heavily from the especially intense round of intercourse.

“Anything else you wanna tell me?”

Katsuki smirks as his palm drifts down Izuku’s midsection to cup the omega’s sex possessively. A shiver runs down the length of Izuku’s spine as Katsuki’s fingers
threaten to curl inside him by dipping dangerously into the heated pool.

Izuku doesn’t know much about Katsuki personally as they don’t spend time together apart from when the blond is railing the omega into the next century, but a part of him doesn’t really care.
He’s found his forever dick and no one can tell him any different.

[ E N D ]

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