I think Maajid has really gone down the rabbit hole in being gullible about spin, misinformation & conspiracy since the count. Yes, let all the legal processes play out. Recount etc. Chances of a decisive change really are nil. https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1325892992989859841
This was the worst example I saw. A terrible bullshit piece. Nawaz apologised for not realising it was from a racist conspiracy site. But he ignored that the central factual claim about a turnout spike in the specific piece he shared was simply bollocks https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1325113223906013184?s=19
His 'just asking for discussion' defence of this is weak & ridiculous.

- Why discuss 'how could WI turnout rise 30%' when it didn't (5%)?
- Having asserted those who wont discuss it think "2 + 2 =5" why hasnt Nawaz acknowledged that's what this piece did? https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1325037030510899200?s=19
It wouldn't take long to check. If this was gullibility, then essential to acknowledge it was wrong https://twitter.com/sundersays/status/1325198227990261761?s=19
Obviously, if an eye-catchingly large spike in turnout was true (it was just false), the idea that an appeal to the laws of mathematics could prove that was *impossible* (as opposed to unlikely) would be utter gibberish.
Obviously, it will undermines credibility of aspiring to be a robust challenger of extreme conspiratorial nonsense on other topics if lack of judgement/scrutiny leads MN to become a gullible conveyor of extreme conspiratorial nonsense on this topic https://twitter.com/sundersays/status/1325052565596364802?s=19
He is right to say process doesn't conclude until Electoral College vote *and* Senate ratifies of the EC vote (tho including that final step as source of uncertainty is unusual). Formal transition process does not wait for that moment, unless deadlocked EC https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1325387590489530369?s=19
While theoretically possible to express unlikely counter-zeitgeist opinion 'I reckon there could still be an amazing plot twist here, from recounts/legal challenges' without sharing misinfo and propaganda, the problem is sharing ridiculous misinformation to say this is likely
Another example which suggests there isn't much of an effort to check information before sharing it, so beware info being shared unless you can verify it elsewhere https://twitter.com/WashTimes/status/1325525833713324034?s=19
Newsweek commemorative edition cover is real, but its misleading to claim it is an analogy with calling the election for President Biden on the basis of votes counted. It was produced before election day: cock-up (assumption pre-vote by distributor) meant some got into stores
'Dewey defeats Truman' a better analogy - but not a close one to 2020 TV networks calling this race. (The cause is a mixture of hyper-partisanship by one pro-GOP paper, attempting to jump the gun for a scoop). Fascinating detail on its shifting headlines
This is Twitter and 'some memes fail' appears to be the response from Maajid Nawaz to requests that he might correct/withdrew demonstrably false misinformation which he chose to share https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1326087138316849153
This is getting worse. I told you so is an odd response to this nonsense https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1326929026947158023?s=19
There is no such report. https://twitter.com/iainmartin1/status/1327158445141798919?s=19
Context of this tweet
It looks like the 'Dominion' computer counting conspiracy is going to be President Trump's focus for his allegation that the election was stolen from him
Maajid is dedicated to pursuing this conspiracy theory on LBC
Maajid Nawaz is going all in on this Dominion softward conspiracy. He is now promoting QAnon advocacy of it. I have not seen him post one single thing challenging these Dominion conspiracy claims (though he insistently claims to be being neutral/balanced)
Maajid Nawaz believes he's doing this as a broadcaster offering neutral scrutiny. Calls critics of this bots, trolls and partisans.

But he is sharing lurid unverified claims, sharing no material that challenges those accounts, & has refused to retract demonstrably false material
I have not listened to how he is putting these conspiracies on the radio (sport takes priorty at weekends). LBC as an Ofcom-regulated broadcaster needs to keep a close eye on this. At best, this is deeply gullible of Nawaz & q.delusional in his self-image/response to challenges.
This was one other rabbit hole of unverified conspiracy memes about the softward company, along with the AP scrutiny finding this claim is false or mistaken. Again, no counter information published; no retraction.
Maajid's claim that the Feinstein story should be news looks very weak indeed, when the exposure of a driver was 7 years ago, had no link to the Trump era, and her husband has no link to the software company. Again, spreading unverified rubbish. https://twitter.com/AndrejNkv/status/1327555018107596800
Question for Maajid Nawaz who says he is striving for impartiality on the US election disputes https://twitter.com/sundersays/status/1327568399501828098?s=19
Nawaz says
- first time US presidency is contested in his lifetime [he means the second]
- he has no conclusions
- he thinks 'paid PR agents for Biden campaign' are behind racial abuse on Twitter. He asks them to call it off as they're meant to be anti-racist & will look into it
Nawaz says it took a month for Gore to concede, on the 13th December (so he may well read his Tweets).

He says America is on the brink of civil war, that he is a lonely peacemaker, as he has often been, but his critics are creeping towards fascism.
"There is a route for Trump, that is just a fact'. '4 solid routes' for Trump. He is not saying they will come off.

1. SC may nullify the whole PA state count + recounts on 'fine margins'. The path is PA + GA + Wisconsin Arizona + Nevada

"A very plausible & very legal route"
2. 2nd "plausible" route is EC voters in 4 states may decide not to follow popular vote

3. final reason is General Flynn's "well regarded' lawyer said on Fox News alleged enormous treason via Dominion computers

"None of these are conspiracy theory" Nawaz says on @LBC

(3 is!)
'One big correction to my monologue' - he got the lawyer's surname wrong.
I do not think he understand consequence of the PA Brookvar case.

He is now bullying his listeners. It is true that faithless electors give Trump a "legal" route, but he is simply talking nonsense to call this hypothetical legal route a "viable" one (esp on faithless electors)
LBC senior reporter Matthew Thompson: this is the crucial distinction about the boundary for reporting on this https://twitter.com/mattuthompson/status/1327624419905331200
- It is v.wrong for anybody to racially abuse @MaajidNawaz
- I hope such users are reported + banned where appropriate.
- I can not see what evidence he had to broadcast on @LBC his unlikely allegation that "Biden's PR people" paid trolls to attack him https://twitter.com/nice_cuppa/status/1327614694543253505
Many of Maajid's claims (eg recounts, court cases, faithless electors) fall under category of being over-confident but not well-informed on US politics. Commentators are allowed to be over-confident & end up being wrong! So his 'viable path for Trump' stuff is OK at that level
Not over til Trump concedes/EC votes = formally true.

LBC might worry about
* Narrative why no-one but me will report truth (tilts to conspiracy)
* Undue credence to baseless allegations (eg Dominion), if don't report scepticism too
* 'Biden PR team paying trolls to attack me'
While Republicans at state level have dismissed idea they might overturn the popular vote, Nawaz technically correct that Democrat partisans selected by their state Dem party as Biden-Harris for President slate face no *legal* barrier in some states to not voting as pledged!
Prior to the election, Maajid Nawaz had said that he was persuaded that Biden was guilty of "treason", basing this on reports of allegations about the content of a laptop alleged to have belonged to Hunter Biden.
This is interview Nawaz referred to on LBC. Called her the "well regarded" lawyer to General Flynn (Flynn's guilty plea bargain for fraud not mentioned). Nawaz said "none of these are conspiracy". (Obvs, this is unverified allegation of massive conspiracy) https://twitter.com/NoorBinLadin/status/1327410244071415814?s=19
Nawaz told LBC listeners that Sidney Powell had said "I am going to release the Kraken" as a reason that he finds it plausible that she will have evidence for the allegation that the Dominion computers were used to steal/alter hundreds of thousands of votes
In this interview, Powell said
- this began in Chavez Venezuela
- many US Governors have a corrupt stake in this conspiracy
- December filing deadlines don't matter: this fraud is so massive it can nullify the result afterwards!
- doesn't know if being investigated by FBI
Nawaz account on LBC was these are credible allegations from a "well regarded" (?) source, which he says give Trump one more "viable" way to stay President (though MN isn't saying who will win in the end). I had not seen him report/share any scepticism https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1327404728318373889?s=19
"None of these are conspiracy theory" was what Maajid Nawaz told @lbc listeners at 2.20pm, immediately after saying Powell was "well regarded" & her Dominion allegations offered one more plausible path to Trump's re-election. (It's simply false to say its not a conspiracy theory)
Maajid Nawaz says that the legal and viable route that he sees to victory in the the presidential election for Donald Trump remains very much on tonight. https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1329493475813978115?s=19
"None of these are conspiracy theory" (LBC, 220pm last Saturday) is certainly a statement I would contest as false about the extraordinary conspiracy to steal the election being alleged by Sidney Powell, on Trump's behalf.
However, I do find some merit in the observation that today has indeed confirmed that at least one of the two campaigns in this election must be engaged in a ludicrously audacious fraud on the American public ...
I can't see what you would learn from watching the press conference a third time. I don't think this burning books analogy works. (This would be a tricky test to apply to every single lurid conspiracy theory about 9/11 etc, so sensible people may wait to see what they file)
Have we just seen the biggest crime in American history?
Maajid Nawaz thinks the events of the last week have shown that he is right, claiming "everything" he predicted has happened (but nobody else will admit that Trump has every chance of winning the election)
The idea that everything he predicted has happened is nonsense. But he has never acknowledged any of the events which close down the Trump route (eg lost cases, certification of Georgia, refusal of GOP state officials to countenance vetoing the EC slate) https://twitter.com/sundersays/status/1330213801304727553?s=19
Maajid says few of us realise that Trump's lawyer Dershowitz has predicted this will end in victory for Trump

Dershowitz says Trump team could win the legal point, but would be unlikely to overturn the PA result. He predicts Biden will be inaugurated
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