I stated that contrary to promoted propaganda there was no rioting by “white supremacists” when Biden was declared President. Some took offense. That’s not my opinion. That is actual fact. The rioting/looting in over 100 cities earlier this year was not done by Trump supporters.
In largely Democratic cities businesses were boarding up in anticipation of rioting. Who did they expect to pillage their property? The alt right? Klansmen? MAGA people? No. They were fearful of a Trump win because his opposition are the ones who resort to ORCHESTRATED “unrest.”
If you’re one of those people troubled by truth it’s because your foundation is falsehood. The purpose of pointing out there were no riots was not to pander to the right. It’s to show black people how so much of the fears they hold are baseless. WE are manipulated with FEAR.
Fear and the obsession with racism are causing serious stagnation in the black community. The Chinese graduate more engineers every year than America has engineers. The way to combat “white supremacy” and racism is to become COMPETITIVE. Empowerment through VICTIMHOOD is a CON.
I’m no advocate for White Supremacy, Trump or The GOP. I try to be a voice of reason. Gullibility/duplicity are rampant in the black community. Historically, men have been protectors of women because by design women are more fearful. Who leads the black community, men or women?
The powers that be have designated Black women the voice and leadership of black people, not because they love black women or believe in gender equality, but because fearful leaderships ensures a fearful people.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
Black women like Joy Reid, Tamron Hall, Jemele Hill, Cardi B, Ava DuVernay, Oprah, Stacey Abrams, Maxine Waters, Keisha Bottoms, the “founders” of BLM, #metoo , #TimesUp , and more are everywhere promoting a victim narrative as a BLACK narrative. They have no faith in black men.
Worse yet, are all the weak, psychologically emasculated black men who go along with this nonsense because they think this is how to support black women. It is not. The way to support black women is to be the MAN you’re supposed to be. The man they look to. Right now you’re not.
I don’t fear anyone nor do I need women to speak for me or protect me. Maybe these aggressive, egotistical women haven’t been exposed to real men. Maybe their fathers failed them. Honestly, much of what they do seems self serving. Do us all a favor and stop fucking helping us.
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