Most Ppl don’t watch those hearings & most ppl aren’t online so most ppl didn’t even see the hug. It’s racist AF 2 blame a hug instead of acknowledging how hard the GOP made it 4 Black ppl to vote in SC during a pandemic. Jim Clyburn discussed this repeatedly. They wouldn’t allow
Any drop boxes in the entire state & they did this knowing the post office was slowed down. That means, Black voters, who are already dying in very large numbers, had to go to the polls in person, in the middle of a pandemic. They had a witness requirement for absentee ballots in
The middle of a pandemic when Ppl are trying to socially distance and hunker down in their homes. Especially Black voters Bc we’re the ones dying in large numbers. There was confusion as to who could be a witness, did you need a witness Bc of the litigation that was ongoing &
Fear that ppl’s ballots wouldn’t be accepted. Blaming Jaime’s loss on a hug instead of acknowledging that the GOP made Black Ppl choose between their health and their right to vote is some strong Anti Blackness & revisionism. It’s whitewashing. That hug didn’t change one vote I
Bet. Instead of worrying about hugs you need to be worried about why Ilhan, Rashida and AOC underperformed Biden ✌🏾
And lastly I’ll bet you didn’t even ask Jaime if he consented to be a part of your bootleg conspiracy theory
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