STHAPATI - The Architect

Our Ancient Temples were built by the mighty Rulers & rich Partons even the most important person in creation of such magnificent abode of the divine is a architect known as
STHAPATI & his team. Sthapati was adorned with title of Acharya &
was highly knowledgable in Shastras.He had the overall responsibility of planning ,designing & executing the construction of the temples from beginning to a completed Masterpiece. He was an expert in workmanship.
The architect of the temple was master of science of architecture.
He had well versed in traditional science, mathematics, astronomy, astrology ,knowledege of Rythms ect. He was balanced in body and Mind. He was highly respected and noble person in the then society.
Sthapati was assisted by
Satrugrahin- the chief surveyor who supervised other craftsman according to the instruction of Sthapatis

Takskak- The sculpture who produce magnificent carvings.

Vardhakin -they are the Stonemasons,Plasterer & Painters or the craftsman.
A Sthapati should know eightfold Workmanship,the Drafrtsmanship & Sketches of various kinds and variety of carpentry, stone masonry & gold smithy. Thus an architect or Shapati was an main pillar of building such marvels in ancient Bhatata.
source- Temple of india by Tarun Chopra sir 🙏
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