The idea that climate change is something that either happens or doesn't happen has to be abandoned. It's the primary driver of climate doomerism.
Some people, having looked at graphs and projections, have convinced themselves that we're either headed for apocalypse (climate change happens) or complete restoration of pre-industrial environment (climate change doesn't happen), which they correctly know is impossible.
Firstly, climate change is not absolute. It's a process that has been happening since the industrial revolution.

It could've went in various trajectories. Destruction could've easily stopped a century ago.
The current, extreme phase started half a century ago. We're already living with its effects and it sucks.

Secondly, climate change is not the apocalypse. It already happened, we're still here. We'll still be here in the future. Life will probably get worse some in ways, yes.
We'll probably never go to the pre-climate change environment. Not only do we not have to but it's impossible. The climate and the environment change all the time and idealising a static image of the past will do us no good.
We can't be like reactionaries, constantly looking back at an idealised time when everything was perfect and dwell on the impossibility of bringing it back.
We have to look to the future. The projections may look bleak but that doesn't mean the worst scenario has to happen. We have to do our best to stop further climate change from happening.

Even if the best-case scenario assumes tremendous climate change occurring, that's ok?
There's a vast difference between a worst-case and a best-case scenario. The best-case scenario is worth fighting for.

We CAN help people who will suffer, we CAN stop the active destruction, we CAN mitigate the harm, we CAN do our best to reverse the damage.
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