1. You have low understanding. Education has always been & remain free from Primary to JSS3. It is law. If your parents decided on private school, it was their decision. Stop the ignorance. Also University education is split into FGN and States. FGN University is tuition free/ https://twitter.com/mrmacaronii/status/1325707285725913088
2. Perhaps your intellect was not good enough for FGN Universities, I don't know and you failed to gain admission to an FGN uni, are we to blame FGN for that? States charge subsidised fees in their Uni, so which Government are you accusing of not doing enough for you FGN/State? /
3. Please stop your fake news. In the 70s and 80s the free education we had was for Primary Education ONLY. That was under the UPE scheme. This is Universal primary Education. Our parents sent us to Mission schools because they were subsidised but they paid school fees/
4. You glory in ignorance and you mislead people in your ignorance. The UPE was replaced by the UBE (Universal Basic Education) in 1999. The UBE came out of the Jomtien World Conference in Beijing China held in 1990 when the World agreed that Primary Education was too low as/
5. essential (basic) education and decided to add 3 years of Secondary education to it. Nigeria was a signatory to that conference decision. It took us 9 years to get there and in 1999 we began enforcing the Universal Basic education as 9 years continuous FREE education./
6. As you can see, your knowledge is zilch just like your skits are bereft of humour. I am happy that in this skit you acted the two characters there and did not debase womanhood as you are known to do. Government provides 9 solid years of free education (6 Primary & 3 secondary)
7. Many states also continue to provide free senior secondary education free. If they don't, you may want to go and agitate there and stop your folly on twitter. And finally let me ask you this: Na Government born you? What have your parents done for you? No be dem born you?
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