They gave you space to implement the #5for5 #Endsars demands you said you had accepted. Now, what you have done? You chose to:
1. Demonize youths who were peaceful in their protests, brutalized killed many;
2. Freeze the bank accounts of a few, confiscated the IP of another;
3. Promote a narrative that makes the Judicial Panels of Inquiry look a childplay;
4. Issue provocative statements that don't imbue confidence in engagement
As if not done with demonization, you've now chosen to pay online hirelings and hacks to troll youths whose inspirations to protest peacefully were conditioned by police brutality
It is this attitude of leading the nation with blind eyes to the destructive path the youths heroically protested and continue to resist that you are once again exhibiting.
No nation embarks on the provocative journey of suppressing truth to enthrone the dark pall of falsehood and still expects that at some point truth will not resist falsehood and throw clogs into your wheels
A nation is not a fictional being; it exists in the flesh and blood of its youths. When you unashamedly order your police officers to shoot on sight, killing defenceless youths, you're slowly killing the nation.
No nation can exist without its youths. All a true nation does is to harness its youths and transform them into partners of nation building. You don't malign or kill them.

Good morning from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine
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