#OnThisDay (1938), we mark 82 years since #Kristallnacht, when Nazis (and their enablers) across Germany & Austria razed synagogues, smashed windows and murdered almost 100 Jews in a violent pogrom - known as ’Night of Broken Glass'.

My #THREAD with some thoughts & lessons:
1. Kristallnacht, was a murderous example of the capacity of humans to escalate from harassment, indifference, demonization and singling out of Jews - to violence.

First by words and through dehumanization, and then through the Nazi infrastructure of death.
2. In the weeks that followed #Kristallnacht, approximately 30,000 Jews were transported to concentration camps — a sorrow foreshadowing of the further evil that would soon ensue.
3. Today, across Europe (and now America), we see this dehumanization again: shootings, stabbings, violent assault, Synagogues vandalized, boycotts, swastika graffiti, Nazis being honored & history whitewashed, while a country like Iran seeks wholesale destruction of Israel.
4. As the great Spanish American philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
5. This singling out of Jews again - and by extension, the Jewish state (Israel) - represents a collective form of amnesia, indifference & willful disregard of history, indicating that perhaps (for some) very little has in fact been learnt from history.
6. For some, the phrase ' #NeverAgain' may be no more than an empty slogan.

But not for us. Not for the Jewish people, the Jewish state or those with a clear moral conscience.
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