I deleted my earlier tweet on this. Wanted to review in lcear light of day.

1. It's a communication from EU Council presidency to MS, setting out a revised version of a Resolution on
2. There "are instances where encryption renders analysis of the content of https://twitter.com/jsrailton/status/1325546833624625157
communications ...extremely challenging or practically impossible"
3. "The principle of security through encryption and security despite encryption must be upheld in its
entirety" but with the possibility that law enforcement "can lawfully access relevant data"
4. So, like telco
, who as part of the licensing regime/telco Acts are generally required to maintain a capability to lawfully intercept their communications & to remove encryption they wrap around comms when specific comms are subject to LI requests
5. So, rather than banning encryption, this is
about ensuring backdoors for law enforcement access to communications content.
6. What next, requiring the OTT messaging services to create and make available metadata because Para 5 is about "Joining forces with the tech industry"

Draft resolution https://files.orf.at/vietnam2/files/fm4/202045/783284_fh_st12143-re01en20_783284.pdf
Will it come to pass into an EU law? I don't think so

& ".. resolutions usually set out future work foreseen in a specific policy area. They have no legal effect but they can invite the Commission to make a proposal or take further action" https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/council-eu/conclusions-resolutions/ HT @why0hy
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