Aye I’m drunk! You kids wanna learn some shit about this new age white supremacy?
This all top of dome and if I get a date or wrong i don’t care
So check this out right for all intents and purposes the Klan is irrelevant they don’t matter they’re dead now. Gone
This new breed of 21st century white supremacists actually weren’t inspired Birth of a Nation like the Klan before them
You see in the late 1970s this book called “The Turner Diaries “ came out
The premise of this here piece of trash was the Blacks and Jews gain control of the government take all the white mans guns and make it illegal for white man to defend themselves against Black and Jewish people who wrong them
That’s a loose synopsis because I reiterate I’m drunk rn
But you see this here piece of bullshit was passed around at gun shows in the American South, The Mid West and the Pacific North West and lead directly to the rise of white supremacist militia groups in the 80s and 90s
The poor rural whites were afraid the government, the Blacks and the Jews were going to enslave them right
So boom Reagan becomes president shit is great they got they mans in the white house shit suppose to be gravy right?
In 1986 largely because of the growing “Black Nationalist threat” Ronald Reagan signs the “Firearm Owners Protection Act” which effectively banned fully automatic weapons in the US
So the gun show whites are clearly taken aback by this turn of events, that was suppose to be their mans and he put restrictions on their 2nd amendment rights
So of course they start stock piling grandfathered automatic weapons because they already existed so why tf not right
Now here’s the thing about stock piling illegal weapons... the government fucking notices.
Im not gonna get too much into every white supremacist group that stock piled illegal automatic weapons so Ima jump to 1992
Some of yall smarter than me so if I’m wrong feel free to correct, I reiterate its 2 am and I’m lit
So 1992 the ATF gets word this lunatic in Idaho is stock piling a ton of automatic weapons and possibly explosives
Ah shit I got the year right https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Ridge 
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