They spent the last four years throwing parties for Sarah Sanders and are now crowning themselves as the guardians of democracy. It is very dishonest.
My chest is literally getting tight with anger at the ridiculousness of it all. You talk about gaslighting from Trump? This is right up there with his worst.
From day one they laughed along with Sean Spicer, they aired nearly every single one of their pressers, he all but spit in their faces and they said “yes sir, more ratings and page views sir please.”
And it was all a fucking extension of his bloodily racist and xenophobic campaign, where you literally had the kkk saluting him and all they could yell at us for months on end was “economic anxiety.”
Hundred of thousands of people- black, brown, and yes white too - dead, in cages, beaten by police, killed in hurricanes, and they wouldn’t do the basics of their jobs - holding the powerful accountable. And now they want goddamned medals.
And god forbid anyone left of center not immediately fall at their feet. Trump calls them fake news and inspires bombers but nothing gets them more incensed and defensive than a liberal on Twitter. Nothing!
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