1/x Gonna do a close read on the language & public health messaging in the "Biden-Harris plan to beat COVID-19," as posted at their transition website.

First of all, there is a national plan—this is new & good & could be akin to an EU sized plan in scope https://buildbackbetter.com/priorities/covid-19/
2/x I like that they say in the first graf that they want "to blame others or bail out corporations." Tho I'm all for telling Trump & his ilk who've let hundreds of thousands die, blame doesn't work in public health & I'm glad (& surprised) not to see nationalism here
3/x The phrase "Listen to science" always demands close attention. Of course, we've had an administration mostly ignoring science, but science can be used to address illness, promote segregation, justify eugenics, sterilize ppl against their will & make an atom bomb.
4/x Getting a variety of testing, at massive scale, for FREE is of course necessary and good—as is nationalizing contact tracing.

Interesting they are creating a Pandemic Testing Board in the mold of FDR's War Production Board but good they're not using war language this time.
5/x The PPE plan is solid & long overdue. It references "American sources" without being unduly jingoistic or nationalistic.

(Again, the Defense Production Act is evoked w/o much militarism beyond the name.)
6/x I like the spectrum language they use in describing how "Social distancing is not a light switch. It is a dial." Putting fed $$ (which can be just printed if need be) to address state/local budget shortfalls to keep states from laying off teachers is fantastic.
7/x Of course, I disagree with this pull quote—of COURSE this is about politics! Read your Foucault! Or at least read your Bible for an analogy. Jesus spoke of "When 2 or 3 are gathered"...well, when 2 or 3 are gathered abt medicine or abt anything), that's politics, baby!

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