⚠️US has now 10,000,000 #COVID19 cases.

➡️ Newest 1M took only 11 days—sharp **acceleration** from 14 days for 9th mil, & 20 days for 8th mil.

1 mil April 28
2 mil June 10
3 mil July 7
4 mil July 23
5 mil Aug 8
6 mil Aug 30
7 mil Sept 25
8 mil Oct 15
9 mil Oct 29
10 mil Nov 8
2) But many leaders knew and —incl. Georgia Sen Loeffler & Perdue. They are both on the GA senate runoff ballot against @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock in early January.
5) if that video didn’t move you, hopefully this animation of daily *new* cases will. We are heading to 200k. We need to oust every single pandemic denier and insider trader. https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1325477038216646661
7) Here is wants on the line in GA senate runoffs.
8) Hmmm, not suspicious stock dumping at all. Quite convenient actually. Loeffler also first pretended she didn’t own the stock, but then had to later refile and admit she owned those suspiciously dumped stocks after all. @donwinslow @MeidasTouch
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