He's not even inaugurated yet, and already there are folks busily hammering wedges into every crack in the party.

That unity talk didn't last super long.
I can already feel you all trying to discern whether I'm talking shit about the folks trying to pull the party left or the folks trying to pull the party left.

You wanna know whether to agree or disagree.
There is, so far, a tiny bit of evidence that one of those stances has more of an effect than the other.

But even more evidence that accepting the world we live in TODAY is almost nothing like the one we lived in 2 or 4 or 20 years ago is what has the biggest impact.
Drawing the graph as purely horizontal is where the fucking up it taking place.

Only worrying about that left-right equation is last century's game.

There's a vertical equation that changes everything, and those ignoring it are taking the worst beatings.
(I meant to write right or left in the second tweet in this thread. Writing left twice was accidental and does not indicate a side I prefer. It indicates I still suck at everything.)
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