Hiya - reread this thread and full warning it’s freak LONG because you’ll need this to understand the USPS-OIG REPORT which hasn’t been covered by the MSM and it’s awful https://twitter.com/File411/status/1323116958422835207
And when you’re done reading that @NAACP v @USPS thread then please reread this Straw Donor DeJoy thread to fully understand the USPS-OIG report which was quietly released on Friday & no one is talking about it and it’s horrid https://twitter.com/File411/status/1302654814678065152?s=20
And then when you’re done rereading those two supplemental threads - then please reread this September 2020 thread re DeJoy’s nomination process because you’ll need that to fully understand the totality of the USPS-OIG November 6th report
I am fuming https://twitter.com/File411/status/1305976898078609408?s=20
Oh and this August/September subthread
yup you’ll need that to understand how bad the USPS-OIG Report is because I think I’ll need to be pealed off the ceiling
mother pucker... https://twitter.com/File411/status/1306621253365706753?s=20
NOW for the @OIGUSPS Nov 6, 2020 Report
USPS: Deployment of Operational Changes
Delayed mail reported increased 21%from 2B pieces week ending 7/10/2- to 2.4B pieces for the week ending 7/31/20
Delayed mail, self-reported at post offices, increased 143%
Let’s be blunt - the data doesn’t lie and the concerns by Congress and Americans in general was in fact warranted
Louis DeJoy should be relieved of his position IMMEDIATELY and subsequently charged
because he knew exactly what he was doing
imagine that Philadelphia had known management & under performance issues BEFORE the election yet DeJoy targeted that sorting center first.
I’m serious I want DeJoy in handcuffs & I’m not sure why the media hasn’t reported on this 11/6/20 USPS-OIG report
Turns out that YES some of us were in fact on target that the USPS wasn’t providing Congress with a fulsome explanation


I dunno weird how in the end FACTS are confirmed

I’m also going to state the obvious some of us in DC really know where, what & when to go look for facts
My track record;
if I don’t know I won’t bullshit you
but on this the USPS I knew and by proxy my followers knew too. I have never withheld documents.
La sigh it’s amazing to me how quickly some were to defend the indefensible
The Summer/Fall mail delays were NOT a figment of any of our imaginations
👇🏻USPS-OIG 11/6/20 Report AFFIRMS👇🏻
The @USPS response is underwhelming
Louis DeJoy needs to be in handcuffs and I very much look forward to his perp walk
He knew exactly what his marching orders were so I’m going to remind you DeJoy do NOT destroy ANY evidence
This is the @OIGUSPS 11/6/20 Press Release
This is the link to their Report.
if you get the sense of rage from my tweets, that’s intentional given how much time I’ve allocated to reseating this & making sure my followers had facts
Gawd researching not reseating fork me & my work autocorrect keyboard - just me keeping up with my daily quota of typos
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