Hi, Gov. Parson, constituent here:
1. You have Top Secret clearance.
2. As such, likely you were warned of COVID's impact in Nov. 2019.
3. Your first mention of "mask" was April 6, 2020.
4. Apparently you're still letting schools up this week despite the mass casualty event. https://twitter.com/GovParsonMO/status/1325558464219930624
Now, in Jan 2020 you were TELLING US TO THOROUGLY COOK PORK CHOPS, which while always useful, isn't the same as telling people to socially distance and wear a mask. https://twitter.com/GovParsonMO/status/1221870680725164032
This is the first instance of you mentioning the word "mask" on this social media platform.

@GovParsonMO, if you could clarify this matter for us, it would help a lot. When *did* you get briefed on COVID-19 and what did you do to protect us? https://twitter.com/GovParsonMO/status/1247269956368175107
P.P.S. Your buddy Trump told Bob Woodward a month before this tweet he knew the risk from COVID was aerosol droplets and that it was deadly.

Why were YOU pushing hand sanitizer? YOU HAVE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE, SIR, SO DON'T BULLSHIT US. https://twitter.com/GovParsonMO/status/1235615964810473473
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