Short thread.
As we watch 45 (with approval from the GOP leadership) continue to undermine our democratic process & election, it is very important that we are clear about what these attempts to push false voter fraud allegations & upcoming lawsuits are REALLY saying:
That white votes (& voters) must be automatically trusted and non-white votes (& voters) must be INHERENTLY SUSPECT & INTERROGATED. That anyone not voting along with the majority of WHITE PEOPLE have to now prove the authenticity of their vote.
This is an extension of voter suppression. I covered this a bit in my #VoterSupression TikTok pre election. Even AFTER we have overcome the obstacles of getting registered AND enduring the arduous task of ACTUALLY VOTING, we are still having to PROVE the validity of our vote.
White ppl - think right now about Black voters in Philly, ATL or Detroit, a Latine voters in AZ, Indigenous voters in NV. What it feels like to know that your vote itself isn’t accepted at face value off the top. And that people will now work backwards to discard it.
This is TEXT BOOK disenfranchisement & we must not allow these efforts by 45 and their effect on marginalized voters go unnamed, unclaimed & unaddressed. These harms must be dealt with. Period.
I refuse to watch us to throw ourselves into the fire and not have our burns treated. Not have our lungs given the oxygen they need to breathe.
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