Looking over Biden's current list of transition plans, I don't see any planned action on ICE detention, the "Remain in Mexico" plan, or the CDC asylum ban. That could of course change in the weeks to come, but right now thousands of lives are in the balance. Thread: 1/7
Right now, thousands of people have spent months locked in extended, indefinite ICE detention because *they have no where else to go.* Many countries aren't accepting deportation flights. If Biden doesn't take action, thousands of people will remain in Covid-ravaged detention 2/7
On the border, tens of thousands of families are stuck in refugee camps. These are people who have *passed* the first part of the asylum process—the credible fear interview. They're waiting for their court dates in the US, but some have been waiting for over a year... 3/7
Without action from Biden restoring the asylum system and ending the MPP (Remain in Mexico), these families could spend another year in northern Mexico, with the constant threat of Covid outbreaks, kidnapping, and robbery. 4/7
In April, Stephen Miller fulfilled his long-term dream of announcing a total asylum ban on the border using a public health justification from the CDC. Right now, potential refugees—including solitary kids—are being summarily deported, no matter how dangerous their homes are 5/7
Biden could end that asylum ban within his first hours of taking office. He could take immediate action on all these issues, action that would fundamentally change the lives of immigrants stuck in all these purgatorial situations (even if it'd take longer to implement). 6/7
It's still early, and, for all I know, Biden could announce planned executive orders on all of this later today. But the fact that action on immigration detention and the border have not been listed among his first priorities might just tell its own story. 7/7
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