. @GeraldoRivera did you throw up in your mouth when you opened the vault? I bet you did. How about when You were kicked out of Iraq for giving away US troop positions? What about when you went on TV and lied about being in combat Remember? You lied and https://twitter.com/geraldorivera/status/1325550346052235269
claimed you said the Lord’s Prayer on the spot the American soldiers were killed. You were hundreds of miles away. My favorite is when it was reported you shoved a rescue worker out of the way to be in the camera shot during Katrina. You are loathsome and dishonest but mostly
A joke. You know that.? Right ? You have to. Here is something else. Trump lost. You are a moral coward and part of an undemocratic and UNAMERICAN effort to sew questions of legitimacy around a US election. Shame on you.
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