I agree with . @davidpakmanshow re: Trumpism is not an aberration. We can't write off millions as nutters. In the segment of Trumpists there **are** educated, moral, and intelligent ppl. Media focuses on cringe-y folks but the "shy Trumpist" have come forward. #Election2020
Someone come up with a profile on the segments of people who make up #MAGA Which folks are open to on-the-level, good faith discussions? Which ones are open to other inroads to showing people what they tuned out of since 2016? I agree w/ . @glennkirschner2 - legal action.
If we attempt to understand the personalities of Trumpists, we may learn which folks are open to civil discourse, which ones need to be exposed to a DJT & Co legal action, not in pettiness but to illuminate the actual provable misconduct. #Election2020 #MAGA
If we can meet people where they are, evaluate how we can communicate effectively, and we can disagree on policy but strive to come together on social justice, universal healthcare - which people WANT, and other pressing issues America faces. #Election2020 #Trumpian #Logic
Is this thread a fantasy? Or can we let our own spite settle, without pettiness seek legal remedy & demand our reps do so on our behalf, and learn to meet people closer to their level? We all want to be safe, healthy, and heard. . @BeauTFC . @davidpakmanshow . @NoLieWithBTC
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