Gender stereotypes in the trans community and why it's harmful -

Trans man and transmasculine people are allowed to wear skirts, dresses, have long hair and generally do/have feminine things. They arent required to limit themselves from these things because of their gender identity !! Gender doesn't equal what you like and feel comfortable in
Same goes for transgender woman. They are allowed to wear suits, ties and other masculine items, it doesn't make them less of a woman as does wearing feminine things doesn't make a transgender man any less of a man. Transgender men and women, are still real men and women .
Another point I would like to make is, even if enby/ non binary people dress in a more feminine or masculine way, it doesnt mean that they idenifty as a man or a woman .

Outer appearance doesn't equal gender. Please ask peoples pronouns :)
《Quick note: I do not identify as trans but i am strongly opinionated on gender stereotypes so i wanted to make a thread :) 》
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