In the grand scheme of things this is whatever, but it kind of feels like a betrayal that I started 2020 feeling very confident and happy about being self-partnered, and then the universe was like, "You like being self-partnered? SPEND ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD WITH YOURSELF!"
I did so much work to be confident and comfortable without a serious relationship and then the pandemic was like, “Lol cool have fun getting through this year without that kind of intimate support!”
Honestly, there’s a part of me that doesn’t know if I actually want a relationship or if I just want to feel less lonely during the rest of this nightmare year, which is... exactly the kind of situation I was trying to avoid being in when I declared myself self-partnered.
(Yes I know that people in relationships are struggling too and no I don’t need to hear about it)
Holy hell I should have turned comments off on this thread
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