So I took to heart what @JoeBiden said last night about listening and talking to our opponents, who are Americans, and not enemies. To that end, I've done some opposition research today. Aside from those who are feeling like Sleepy Joe pulled off the greatest heist in history..
..there are those who are demanding that the Dems "own" the Biden-Harris Administration for 4 years, as these awful things are going to happen. Got this from a *copy/paste* FB post of an acquaintance:

1. Taxes are going up.
2. Gas prices are going to double.
3. Health insurance costs are going up.
4. Income will go down "because of climate justice."
5. You will lose your job because 15 million "illegal immigrants suddenly become your employer and decide to hire someone else at a lower wage."
6. Your job will be eliminated because the minimum wage will be to[sic] high, and your employer can't stay open or afford to pay you.
(I am losing track here but thought my employer would be an "illegal immigrant" who hires someone else)
7. Your automobile or industrial job "will be shipped back to China."
8. Interest rates will double or triple, and homes and automobiles "will not be as affordable as they used to be." 🤣
9. Your stocks & 401ks will take a massive hit.
10. There will be endless wars in the Middle East.
11. Your safe communities (insert: white) will be overrun by crime (insert: POC).
12. The educational system will "go down," and higher education will be unaffordable.
And now these are direct quotes...
13. "You obviously didn't vote your paycheck or your future. You voted your feelings, and you will soon learn this."
14. "When the new administration makes a play for your legally owned weapons, don't look to me...I will be...
...fighting to the death to defend my GOD GIVEN 2ND Am. RIGHTS."

Okay. So, clearly, we are not basing our opinions on the same set of facts. Opinions based on lies, coupled with a devaluation of certain humans because they are different from you, lead to...
...exactly where we are today.

Who is to blame for the misinformation? Who believes this crap? Simple minds with cold hearts?

Donald J. Trump played these people, and they will worship him forever...
In the words of MLK:
“When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”
And with that, my friends, I am done for today.
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