KLAUS SCHWAB: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity" #TheGreatReset #4IR
Klaus Schwab, born in 1938 Germany. Founder & Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. Employs over 700 people HQs in Geneva, Switzerland, offices in New York, San Francisco, Beijing & Tokyo https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1323056594100408325?s=19
Through the WEF Schwab controls all of this media: https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1323062727661727744?s=19
Schwab's main US partner?
Bill Gates. https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1323070241413472257?s=19
Bill& Melinda Gates control all of this media: https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1323073393005121536?s=19
Klaus Schwab's candidate for US President: Joe Biden.
This is his strategy to control worldwide populations: https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1313756460380291072?s=19
Klaus Schwab's WEF trustee, Marc Benioff, of Salesforce, owns TIME magazine. https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1323056594100408325?s=19
Christine Lagarde is on the Board of Trustees of Klaus Scwab's "World Economic Forum", which is behind "The Great Reset". #EU #GreatReset #4IR https://twitter.com/Lagarde/status/1322859717329301504?s=19
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