Quick sanity check on the actual election result. Not the bullshit nonsense that was poisoning election coverage. The ACTUAL result

it was a WAVE election! Turnout is even higher than Obama 2008 wave, by percent of Americans who voted ! Around 60% !! A MONSTER election, and...
..and this was NOT A CLOSE ELECTION. It 'seemed' close, because of the bizarre vote-count this year, but experts (like me) WARNED you how the votes will be counted this time.

The ACTUAL result gives Joe Biden a victory of AT LEAST 6 million vote margin & AT LEAST 4% drubbing
No sitting President has ever been defeated by a LARGER national vote AGAINST the sitting President, than 51% of votes that Joe Biden got. Even Jimmy Carter was removed with only 50.7% for Ronald Reagan.

Trump was NEVER near US population support. His vote % will be under 47%
We won. We won not only the White House. We WON up and down the ticket.

That 'Senate loss' is TOTAL BULLSHIT. We won ALREADY TWO Senator seats! The counting is not done. We may win more. And we pushed BOTH Georgia Senate seats into a run-off, either that we may win!
Whether we end up taking the Senate from #MoscowMitch McTurtle now, or in the Georgia run-offs in January, or in 2022, those 2 seats we took now, are NECESSARY victories, we HAD TO WIN anyway, or we NEVER make the McTurtle impotent. We WON in the Senate race, at least partially
The LUDICROUS narrative that Democrats LOST in the House races, is just silly. THE VOTES HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTED. We have NOT lost every race. As of today, The GOP has won only SEVEN seats from DEMs (one from Libertarians). We have ALREADY won THREE House seats from GOP.

This was a big wave election. The single most important race we won - Presidency - because it includes Bill Barr & Joe Biden's new Attorney General. After that, the Department of Justice can PROSECUTE Trumpomobsters, up and down their positions. We KNOW there is corruption galore
PS. To be clear. Biden has also won the states of Arizona & Georgia. They will be called for Biden adding to his Electoral College count. That is certain. What is still POSSIBLE is also North Carolina

Biden will become first President to receive 80 million votes! A HUGE mandate
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