🍃 :: how to stream correctly so the views aren’t deleted by youtube & aren’t freezing

a thread since we’re having comebacks soon ;

- watch the MV like a human being, don’t act like bots, (streaming 1 video repeatedly without any interlude).
- the minimum volume your device should be at is 50%, do not mute your phone/laptop.

- the quality of the video should be at 720HD or higher. we don’t know the exact quality the youtube algorithm works with so this is a precaution ! you won’t lose anything.
- don’t skip during the video ! you can rewind every now and then but don’t skip.

- don’t pause the video.
- watch the video thoroughly until the very end before rewatching via the search bar !
- after watching the new MV, wait a few minutes before rewatching it. this way you won’t seem like a robot to the system.

- watch another music video while waiting to stream the new MV. it’ll seem like you’re looking for new music/listening to music and not streaming anything.
- there is no need to clear history or cache !
- no need to log out of your youtube account neither !

- don’t use a youtube playlist !
- turn off your auto replay mode or option of automatically watching the next video in your suggestions.
- search the name of the music video manually ! do not watch it from your history or home page. just type the title in the search bar.

- conclusion

stream like a human. don’t act like a bot :/
this thread was made for the comeback ‘BE’ by bts and the comeback ‘IDEA’ by taemin.

however; anyone is welcome to use this ! support your favs ♡
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