It's #NationalSTEMDay, so time to bring back the picture I took a few months ago. Isn't it fantastic how many wonderful #STEM books there are in kidlit?

Have you read a STEM focused book recently? What was it and what did you think of it? I'm always looking for more to read!
There's a few fantastic STEM books I'm looking forward to that aren't pictured since they haven't released yet. But in January we get to look forward to the release of CLUES TO THE UNIVERSE by the amazing @CLiwrites. It's one of the best books I read this year!
I'm also really excited about several upcoming picture books in the kidlit world.

I know that @jmcgowanbks's GOOD NIGHT, OPPY is going to make me cry. I can't wait to read about that determined little rover. We'll never forget Opportunity! It's a STEM book to watch for!
And I just recently learned about the adorable looking PRINCESSES CAN FIX IT by @TracyMarchini. I am so excited for her to retell the Twelve Dancing Princess with all sorts of STEM and simple machines!
You know what, I was going to focus on just MG books in this thread, but now I can't stop talking about the picture books I love too! If you haven't read any of @andreabeaty's books, you must! ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER is a staple of any good classroom library.
I mean, look at this book! Even the cover is just so fun! And the book itself lives up to it.
Another STEM book I can't get enough of is THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS by Adam Rubin. I start my catapult unit by reading it to my students, and my flight unit is often accompanied by a read aloud of the sequel. They are my among my favorite STEM picture books!
That's all I can think of for now. I'll pop back in and add to this thread as I remember more fantastic STEM books. Have a great National STEM Day everyone!
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