THREAD: Just so we are clear, as we begin to say forever dismiss aggressive Trump supporters like Candace Owens, Diamond & Silk, and others who made money off dismissing Black dissenters and activists -- don't forget to include passive ass Trump apologists like Van Jones as well.
Van Jones have spent the last four years enjoying the token Black liberal role of seeing "both sides" of the issue and defending conservatives who meant us harm.

As he cry for change, he actually supported quite the opposite.
While Black organizers were calling out corruption in the White House, Van Jones was talking about how "presidental" Trump was at his first State of the Union...after talking about a "blacklash" in 2016 once Trump won.

Meanwhile he was talking selfies with Eric Trump.
When Black activists were reminding us that Trump was a white supremacist who defended neo-Nazis who attacked allies when saying there were "fine people on both sides," Van Jones enjoyed being the token Black guy from the left hanging out with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
Van Jones cried this weekend about decency coming back to the White House, but he had no problem trying to appeal to Trump on criminal justice reform that was literally a stunt to trying to cover all of the oppressive shit happening under his administration.
I find Van Jones to be an opportunist looking for clout, relevance, and a check. He will be anything for anyone as long as he's in the center. When Trump was in power, he rolled with his administration.

I hope that Biden and Harris stay far the from away from his snake ass.
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