Yes, let’s do an autopsy. I agree with that. I’d also like to clarify a few things and move forward with delivering on the mandate ahead [thread]
FACT: Our movement is growing because we listen to, love and hear people. We didn't get elected by our constituents to play the blame game and intraparty politics. People want results.
FACT: Progressives were elected & reelected overwhelmingly and then mobilized states like MN & MI for Biden/Harris, energetically utilizing their momentum for the party’s win.
FACT: Reactionary and fear-based analysis isn’t productive. Take it from an educator, opinions need to be supported by research. Failing to analyze why we lost seats will result in more seats lost next election. We don’t need another cycle of governance on fake news.
FACT: Let’s keep it 💯. People like AOC and Illhan are brilliant political & policy minds. The Republicans are targeting our greatest assets. Failing to protect and defend them is a losing strategy.
CONCLUSION: We have important Senate races in Georgia and a critical opportunity to reverse the hurt and harm by 45 by focusing on COVID recovery and pushing forth a bold policy agenda that meets the needs of the American people. Let’s focus on working together on that.
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