Are you a US Citizen or Green Card holder who has won the tech lottery and has > $100k discretionary income? I know for sure there are some reading. Consider maxing out and donating $5000 to the Fair Fight PAC, and $2800 each to Warnock and Ossoff. Reasons ...
First let's acknowledge that campaigns accepting this kind of money is an insanely corrupt practice way outside of international and democratic norms. It biases everything towards the donor class. So please don't expect anything in return ... except a functioning US democracy.
The US electorate have voted overwhelmingly for a democratic government. Huge popular Democratic Party candidate majorities for presidency and house, potentially even the senate. But that may not be the actual government we get.
The US electoral system is undemocratic and tipped heavily in favor of inaction and gridlock ... made even worse by a radical and partisan supreme court. People vote over and over again for better healthcare, better climate policy, and more justice ... and they don't get it.
This is toxic and corrosive and creates cynicism and destroys credibility in the system. It benefits only an elite minority whose advantages are entrenched. It is made even worse by gerrymandering, voter suppression, and campaign finance laws.
The Georgia runoffs are our best, very narrow, window to have some hope of improved democracy in the US. With two more Democratic Party senators that's a majority, and there's a much better chance of passing laws like HR1, to start bringing some more effective and fair democracy.
Without those Senators, gridlock is assured. 2 or more years of legislative inaction on Climate Change. That clock is ticking *very* loudly. Beyond policy issues, Mitch McConnell is already talking about vetoing Biden's cabinet choices.
If you're thinking that donating $10,600 to races in a "red" state is a folly that will come to nothing. Think again! Trump will not be on the ticket, and is undermining faith in elections and democracy with his own voters. This can depress Republican turnout.
Independent voters in Georgia can see that they have a choice between years of gridlock, or some limited but functioning government. That will change the electoral dynamics. There is every chance of returning two Democratic Senators in Georgia. The state just voted for Biden!
Let's have a working government. Today! Early money beats late money every time. If you're not a rich tech lottery winner, donate too of course, but if you are .... please max out! I know it hurts, but we owe this country a lot. A shot at a functioning government isn't nothing.
How to max out:

$5000 to
$5600 to

if you want to give less or change the ratios, I'd suggest prioritizing Fair Fight (Stacey Abrams), then Warnock, then Ossoff.
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