ok boys girls & gentlethems. I have a request for you. It involves your best cat farting gifs, the worst chuds in the world, and a serious chance to disrupt brewing postelection violence... via shitposting. are you ready for... the #mymilitiachallenge?
The target: http://mymilitia.com , a place for violent wackadoos to organize. They organize meetups & post things like these and also posting about all their guns. but what if we could gum up the works...????? #mymilitiachallenge
The #mymilitiachallenge works like this:
1. Step 1 - create a FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS.
2. sign up for a http://mymilitia.com  account (free, no vetting).
3. Post like crazy. No threats. Just your wildest gifs and premium shitposting.
4. Post your results & tell all your friends.
They'll ask for your location, and here are some suggestions: https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/weirdest-town-names-in-united-states
Together we can shitpost to save lives. Spread chaos. Confuse violent boomers. And have a lot of fun doing it. Are you in?? I have been caching memes for years. RAID TIME. #mymilitiachallenge
The #mymilitiachallenge is a good use of your postelection adrenaline. Cuz they're ready to start an armed insurrection. But not if they can't find each other to plan!! https://twitter.com/antifashgordon/status/1323299020769546246
Commenting on extant threads is better than creating new posts-- they can't ban us all!!!! #mymilitiachallenge
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