Ok, so I’ve had a concerning experience with @nshealth re: covid screening. There are big discrepancies between what’s happening online and on the phone with 811. I was at The Bitter End on Monday, so exposed to someone who tested positive. (1/8)
When I found this out on Thurs, I did the online assessment where it says confusion and headaches were two of the symptoms, which I had that day (to clarify “confusion,” I felt like I’d been in a brain-fog all day). The assessment said to schedule a test, so I did. (2/8)
Then I called 811 to ask some questions and the nurse asked for my symptoms. She said she’d never heard of the confusion thing and didn’t know where I’d read that. I told her it was on the online assessment and she didn’t believe me. (3/8)
I figured she’s the nurse so she prob knows better, and I could attribute the confusion and headaches to other things so I let it go and cancelled my test as she recommended. (4/8)
This morning, @nshealth published on their website at 7:57am a new advisory that everyone who was at The Bitter End on Monday should get tested regardless of symptoms. I called 811 to schedule my test around 9:30am (5/8)
and the nurse responded saying himself and his colleagues had just been talking about the new advisory because it was something the media was spreading but the nurses hadn’t heard anything from @nshealth. I informed him it was on the NS Health website (6/8)
and he helped me schedule the test, but I’m worried they could have turned people away before they knew the advisory was valid. If you or anyone you know was at The Bitter End on Monday, please make sure they know they need to get tested and self-isolate. (7/8)
Also, @nshealth I don’t think there should be any difference between the covid symptoms on the online assessment and the telephone screening process?
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