I know conventional wisdom is that Trump won't leave office without a pardon -- self- or from Pence. But it's REALLY unclear whether even this stacked SCOTUS would approve a self-pardon. And I'm not sure Pence really has an incentive.
Plus, if Trump is pardoned, he and everyone he pardons can be forced to testify under threat of contempt.
There's some REALLY ugly stuff that Pence would be on the hook for.
Then consider this: Pence spends a shit-ton of time in Grand Rapids. He knows what the legacy of Ford is, who at least got to be President and had more success in the House.

He doesn't want to be Ford 2.
Finally, this is where the Koch/DeVos world that pays Pence's bills may choose to take out the Trump world for the short term. If Pence doesn't pardon, Trump will be wrapped up for the foreseeable future.
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