Ooh shit. You know. I know we still have work to do. Georgia is just around the corner and Democrats HAVE to unify and pick a damn strategy—personally, no, fucking “defund the police” is a terrible slogan that needs to stay FAR THE FUCK away from this race.
I get it—it’s nuanced! BUT STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS ABOUND! Not everyone is good w nuance. You got to say what you mean—ESPECIALLY in the Deep South. I am a white southern woman, trust me when I tell you that defund the police confirms my ridiculously racist demographics’ fears.
Fuck a slogan. Outline the positive nature of what it means—FUND social services, EASE the burden put on police—they should not be responding to people having mental breakdowns or drug overdoses. But saying defund the police is 🤦🏻‍♀️
While people will support someone bringing the promise of economic recovery and expansion. I knew Joe lost some people when he said what he said about oil at the debate—it needed to be said but maybe not at the height of a debate full of loaded commentary & vulnerable to
misinterpretation. People are already hurting and afraid of losing the only industries they’ve known for decades. In Texas and Louisiana, there are not many options outside of the oil field. So doing away with it scares people. Phasing it out IS necessary, but that shit needs
to come with a strong preface that “we’re NOT taking away your jobs” and a promise of industrial & economic expansion.

The deep south is a mess of sensitive racists who default to the party that coddles their prejudices & lies about protecting their paychecks.
I’m not saying we need to reach out to them, the power is in the black vote, but I’m saying we need to not scare all of them away. One of my (former) closest friends had a Trump sign in her yard on Election Day. I was gutted by that. I can’t be friends with her anymore BUT
I talked to her over the summer and told her why I couldn’t wait to vote for Biden. She said she was so sick of Trump, couldn’t wait for him to be out, she was watching BLM & was horrified by what he was saying.

She was not lying to me. Her husband works in oil.
As soon as Biden said that at the debate, she flipped out. She is wrong and that is stupid and we can’t be friends anymore if she is that fucking selfish, but that’s what I’m saying. They will latch on to any slip up. We can’t afford stupid sloganeering like Defund The Police
just because some politically informed people think it’s a great idea. Again, im not concerned about REACHING OUT TO OPPRESSORS, I am concerned about not scaring off the few people who are leaning Democrat with a waste of a slogan.
Anyway the point of this thread was gonna be WHOO BOY I am not in the mood to fight Yall, I’m trying to soak in the moment of victory. So Imma get back to that. I’m on mental vacation for a few days. I’ll be donating and spending all my free time this month helping
the effort to register voters and phone banking for Ossoff and Rev Warnock, but today, I’m not dipping my toes any further into this stupid AOC vs Dem infighting bullshit. We need to grow up get real and focus on winning strategies, not be petty hams & hashtags.
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