Hey, #WritingCommunity.

If I can get to 2.5K followers in the next 24 hours, I will buy one self-published book when I get paid on Friday. I wish I could buy more but, alas, capitalism is a thing.

➡ Leave links!
➡ Like & RT!

A little over an hour in and we're only 10 followers away, guys! Let's smash that goal.

Keep posting links too. Even if I don't choose your book, someone else might!

💜 #ShamelessSelfPromoSunday
💙 #WritingCommunity
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❤ #writerslife
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#WritingCommunity, you are amazing! We hit that goal in under two hours. Shall we see if we can make it 2.6K?

Either way, I'll be choosing a book! Keep the links coming. Make my decision as hard as possible!


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